Monday, November 12, 2012

Woodcrafts & Candles - Tart Haul

Woodcrafts & Candles is a shop I've browsed at least a gazillion times, going all the way back to my earliest days of discovering Etsy, but for whatever reason I have never ordered from them . . . until now.  Disappointment in the Walmart line of Christmas tarts is what made me decide to get my winter scents from private vendors, and that had me revisiting Etsy.

This shop does not sell single tarts but Kathy, the very friendly and helpful owner, pointed me in the direction of her sampler packs and from there I decided to go ahead and place an order.

There were a couple Christmas variety packs, and I was intending to get Christmas scents, but I decided to go with the Coffee Time sampler first.  It includes . . .
  • Hazelnut Coffee - A fresh brewed cup of coffee with hazelnut creamer added.
  • Mocha Cream - Coffee with a hint of chocolate and vanilla cream.
  • Coffee Vanilla - Smooth, creamy vanilla is blended with robust, rich coffee. This is comforting, warm and tasty.
  • Cinnamon Coffee - Rich, warm, robust coffee stirred with a cinnamon stick to give it an extra kick!
  • Cafe Caramel - Aroma of fresh-brewed cappuccino, filled with heavy cream, and sweetened with sugary caramel.
  • Cappuccino - Very strong Coffee with cream and sugar.
All of these smell soooo good and strong!  I will do individual scent reviews in my Melted series as I melt each one.

This 6-pack of 1 oz. tarts cost $5.95.

  Jack Frost - 'A crisp clean peppermint aroma with hints of vanilla bean.'

I love the Jack Frost scent.  I was surprised that hubby loves it too, because he is usually so anti-mint.  So heck yeah, I went ahead and ordered a bag of this scent.  And how freakin' cute are they??  There are four 1 oz. snowflake shaped tarts, gorgeous icy blue-white color, sent in an equally festive blue and white snowy designed treat bag.  Each tart is in its own little baggie.  Ohmygosh, they smell divine.  And they're so strong!  I'm in heaven with this one.

This 4 oz. bag cost $3.95.

 Sleigh Ride - 'A wonderful blend of pine, apples and cinnamon, bayberry, 
holly, and a hint of vanilla.'

This is a wonderful scent too.  It's like a spiced fruit first, with the pine swirling around it, and just enough sweetness to keep it from being too harsh.  It's not a warm, cozy scent like a winter bakery type would be.  There is something crisp and 'moist' about it, almost bright.  And once again, these are just too darn cute.  There are five little baggies in the larger Christmas tree printed treat bag, each baggie containing a 1/2 oz. green dotted tree and a 1/2 oz. red dotted tree.  (Each baggie contains 1 oz. of wax.)

This 5 oz. bag sells for $4.25.

Birthday Cake - ' Lots of buttery, creamy, and vanilla notes make this scent irresistible. It is a very light scent so if you like a nice soft background of vanilla this is perfect for you.'

The cuteness continues!  I received this freebie cupcake shaped tart in super yummy Birthday Cake scent.  It is a 1 oz. tart, and I will save it to melt on my birthday which is coming in December.

I also received these two adorable leaf shaped freebies in Vanilla Bean, and Red Hot Cinnamon scents.  Each is about 1/2 oz.  I might melt them together and see how they smell.

AND . . . I received this free fridge magnet as a thank you gift.

Thank you so much for all the extras, Kathy!!!!

Woodcrafts & Candles is a fun shop to browse.  Not only are there tons of tarts to choose from, but there are candles of various shapes and sizes, magnets, and (as the Woodcraft part of the name indicates) a variety of interesting wood crafted objects like candle holders, pens, and even Christmas ornaments.

Shipping was fast.  I ordered on Sunday morning (Nov. 4) and had my package on Thursday (Nov. 8).  Everything came nicely packaged and labeled, in a priority box.  I was given a partial shipping refund, which was awesome.  Owner/wax wizard Kathy was so friendly and helpful in Etsy convos when I contacted her to ask about single tarts.  And these tarts are so strongly scented!  They have a slightly moist feel to them, which tells you how packed with fragrance oil they are.  I'm feeling pretty confident that the scent throw will be awesome.

I've been greatly pleased with this transaction so far.  In fact, I'm kicking myself for having waited so dang long to order!  I'm already thinking about my next order because there are so many scents I want to try, and I want to get at least one of those wooden ornaments.  I am just all-around thrilled with this vendor at the moment!  :)

Have YOU ever ordered from Woodcrafts & Candles?


  1. Very nice! These all look and sound interesting to me. I would love to check out this vendor. Thank you for posting.

  2. I have not! Lol.

    I'm in love with those snowflakes, the trees, and the cupcake from the pictures. That's cool that you'll be saving the cupcake for your birthday. Glad you've found an awesome shop!

  3. I will have to check out this vendor! The Jack Frost is tempting me.

  4. I want to order more during her sale next week but I have so many tarts already and a couple more orders from elsewhere still on the way. Oohhhh, the life of a tart addict.

    I hope someone else orders! I want to see some other hauls and opinions. :)