Monday, December 31, 2012

Burned - Febreze / Cranberries & Frost

Cranberries & Frost - 'Frost dusts marshes rich with cranberries.
Cranberries & Frost refreshes like a sudden flash of color on a white winter's day.'

It's not often I blog about candles I've been burning.  As you know, I much prefer tarts.  Hubby likes candles though, and every once in a while there will be one that surprises me.  This is one of those times.

I actually received this candle a year ago. It was a Christmas present last year, something from our 'adopted third son' Matt. This is a Febreze brand candle . . . you know, the generally overlooked ones in the air freshener/laundry detergent aisle at the store. It is 5.5 oz. I do not know how much these candles cost. This particular one was a limited holiday edition last year. I didn't even pay attention this year because I'd bought those three Glade candles. (The Glade ones were troublesome, by the way.)

This candle is STRONG.  Hubby and I were both amazed with the scent and throw of this bugger.  I can smell this thing all over the house, upstairs and down.  As soon as I opened the back door, coming in from outside, I could smell this lovely fragrance.

The scent is cranberries all the way.  It is sweet and tart, very 'bright,' and not spicy at all, as a lot of cranberry scents tend to be.  There is something sugary sweetening it up.  This one is fruity, berry-ish, with that bit of tart.  Love it.

The candle itself is burning flawlessly.  No tunneling.  A quick, even wax pool.  No soot or smoke.  We've burned it twice so far, good long burns each time, and all I've had to do is trim the mushroomed top of the wick before we lit it that second time. 

I am absolutely impressed with this candle!


  1. Replies
    1. Really. Might have to pick one up.

    2. I got the room spray of this scent and love it. I was also looking for one that came out spring of 2012. It was similar to green meadow, but much fresher. I wish Glade would keep the scents out longer than for just a season or sell them online when the season is over. I would love to find both of these scents. Does anyone know what the name of the Spring 2012 one is?

    3. I'm not familiar enough with the Febreze or Glade products, so I'm of no help on this one. :(