Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Melted - Ollie's Soaps / Serendipity Noel

Serendipity Noel - [no description available]

This is my first time melting anything from Ollie's Soaps.  I wasn't sure how much to melt, one cute little donut tart, or two.  Usually I like to melt around 1 oz. worth of wax because two cubes of my ever reliable Walmart tarts is about .8 oz, and that has always been a good amount.  So anyway, each of the Ollie's donuts is only about .6 oz.  Hmmmmm, melt one and hope it's strong enough?  Or melt two and not get as much for my money out of the package?  Hmmm, hmmm, hmmm.  Well, I decided to just start with one and it worked out fine.  Yay!

I'm confused on how I feel about this scent.  Serendipity is a super popular scent right now, general containing notes of powdered sugar, vanilla, cherry, orange, and coconut.  It's very sweet.  The Noel in this would be the ever popular Vanilla Bean Noel (Bath & Body Works) which consists of vanilla and caramel and hints of musk or something like that.  On cold sniff, I love this Serendipity Noel.  While in the warmer though, I found myself getting sick of it fairly quick.  I get a lot of the Serendipity in this Ollie's blend, quite strong on the coconut.  The deeper sweetness of the Noel is right there with it though, the sort of rich vanilla providing an excellent base for the party of sweetness going on.  It is an awesome scent!  But it just reached its pleasure peak early for me and I was wanting to switch it out after about the first hour.  I didn't though.  Maybe I was just having an off day.

Performance-wise, one little .6 oz. donut tart in my tea light warmer provided almost immediate scent.  There was strong scent and good throw throughout most of the downstairs of my house.  I did notice the scent was very strong very fast, then seemed to taper off to more of a medium scent for the remainder of the tea light.  This is how I've noticed that Candles From The Keeping Room tarts perform for me too.  I didn't think to check if there was any scent left after that first melt . . . which is something I was meaning to add to my reviews this year.  Doh! 

Overall, I'm happy with this first Ollie's Soaps tart experience.  And I have three more of these Serendipity Noel donuts to play around with when I'm in the mood for something uber-sweet.


  1. Gahhhh...I have no self control. The other day I placed a small order with Ollie's to try them out. Glad the tarts seem to be performing mostly well for you!

    1. They smelled great, just wish they'd stayed stronger longer. I'm not against ordering from here again.


  2. Jan. 20 Update - I had three of the donut tarts left so I put two in a warmer in my normal melting spot (on my computer desk) and put one in a warmer on the kitchen table. These to rooms are connected and my creative plan seems to have worked. I've had an almost even, medium-strong scent and throw instead of the quick peak and fall I had last time. The combined strength has traveled all over the downstairs of the house but is not too strong. I'm still not a huge fan of the scent itself though, still a bit on the sickeningly sweet side.