Monday, January 7, 2013

Wax Vendors I Want To Try - Tag

The post I just did about Top 5 Wax Tart Vendors inspired this new tag of Wax Vendors I Want To Try.  There are bajillions of private vendors out there.  Some are hugely popular due to YouTube.  Some might be well known by name but have less than desirable products or business practices.  Some might be unknown, hidden under the masses, but have have fabulous products.  Some might be Etsy shops.  Some might have their own websites.  There are just soooooo many out there.

I don't like to follow the supposedly all-knowing YouTube clan that all flock to the same vendors at the same time.  I admit I do learn about a lot of shops and scent trends from YouTube, but if a particular shop is all the rage at the moment, I'm most likely standing waaaaaaay over on the other end of the spectrum, trying unknowns from Etsy.

I'm also torn between finding just a couple good vendors that I can rely on, or keep on trying all the different shops.  It is so much fun to try new vendors, maybe someone no one else has heard about, but it can be frustrating.  What if the tarts suck?  What if the service sucks?  On the other hand, what if you find a hidden gem, your new favorite shop?  I'd wanted to stop buying for a while, and hold myself to one main vendor, but I really don't think that will last very long.  The urge to try new shops is strong.  The key will be just placing small orders.

So who is it I'm really wanting to try next?
  • Sugar & Spice Gourmet Soy Candles is top of my list.  I think I first learned about this shop from Scentmyway on YouTube.  Their scent shots are $1.75 and can be bought in singles or bundle packs.  They also have candles and a few other products.  If you sign up for their newsletter you get a discount code for your first/next order.  I don't remember if they include free samples with orders.
  • Ten Digit Creations - I was first aware of this shop back in my soaping days, but the name started popping up again several months ago among fellow wax addicts.  Their single tarts are listed as 1 oz. but they look much bigger from what I've seen in videos.  People have also commented that they seem more than just 1 oz.  They are no frills, plain white wax, but in foil cupcake-like liners that I have not seen anyone else use.  Oh duh, they cost $1.25.  The scent list is decent, not overwhelming.  I've heard shipping is crazy fast.  They do include free samples with orders, and they have flat rate shipping of $5.95 (or less/actual on smaller orders).
  • The Bathing Garden - While I *have* ordered from here before it's been quite a while and I never really had made up my mind about this vendor.  Some of the waxy people I'm fond of are huge Bathing Garden fans though so I've been hearing a lot about them lately.  Also, I've finally been melting all of the random bits and samples I've accumulated through swaps or gifts and many of those have been 2-cube samples of, yep, The Bathing Garden.  This vendor will be moving from Etsy to her own website soon, and I will probably place a small order then.
  • Kissing Booth - This one is supposed to be very similar to The Bathing Garden, so I'm intrigued.  Although, hmm, the message at the website says they closed for the holidays and will reopen Jan, 5, but it's the 7th now and there is most definitely nothing there.  I do not remember anything about price or shipping or samples . . . just that this one is very similar to The Bathing Garden.
  • Lasting Scents -  I've heard these tarts are super oily and rather messy, but oh so worth it.  Still, it's the horrible turn-around-time that has kept me from ever ordering.  Maybe I'll just place a small order and try to forget about how many weeks are passing before it shows up.
There are tons of other vendors I would like to try or revisit, but these are the ones currently at the top of my list.  Just browsing my Etsy favorites, I see several unknown shops that I'd like to try, some cheap, some pricey but cute.  Oh heck, who am I kidding in thinking I'll NOT be placing many orders this year?  LOL

And now I'd like to hear what shops you are wanting to try next.  I tag all my waxy friends to do a Wax Vendors I Want To Try post of their own.  Among my circle of addicts are . . .


  1. "I don't like to follow the supposedly all-knowing YouTube clan that all flock to the same vendors at the same time."

    SO YOU ADMIT IT!!!!!!111!!!!1~~1 :P

    Sugar & Spice Gourmet has uhhh-maaaay-zing TAT...even for customer orders, I hear! I've got a couple scent shots left from them and they are always consistently strong. You will enjoy them!

    Thanks for tagging me, it was a lot of fun! It's good to have a waxy circle! :)

  2. *points a finger back and sticks tongue out at the other free-thinker*

    We can't all be part of The Clique but we can be our own Secret Circle, which everyone knows is way cooler because The Secret Circle is witches. (If you watched the show...)

    Now I really need to order from Sugar & Spice.