Thursday, February 21, 2013

Melted - Front Porch Candle Co. / Cookies & Cupcakes

Cookies & Cupcakes - '(In House Blend) Go for the sugar aroma of sweet sugary cookies with rich vanilla cupcakes.'

There is something about Front Porch's marshmallow scent that I fell in love with, and now there is something about their 'cookie' scent that I'm in love with.  Remember how much I loved Mrs. Claus' Cookies?   On cold sniff, this is wonderful but slightly more 'sharp.'  I mean, you sort get a more distinct cake and cookie note.  But when warmed, ohhhmigosh, it turns into a sweet, rich, and creamy heaven.  As weird as it sounds, there is something almost sweetly sour about it, maybe something like cheesecake.  Not sure yet what my nose is trying to tell my brain.  It sounds like an ick factor but it just works.

I melted this entire 1 oz. tart in my tea light warmer and had medium scent and throw, leaning towards the lighter end of things.  I would have liked for this to be stronger, but oh well ... it was fabulous in the area of my computer and that's where most of my times seems to be spent anyway.  There were very light traces of scent in adjoining rooms.

Even though it was light, I would order this again.  I'd probably get a 4-pack and melt a couple in different rooms.


  1. I should melt this again soon! I like this one too!

    1. Yes, you should. Everyone should. hehe