Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Sircle Samples

Ok, I have to admit I don't even remember how I came across this program called Sircle Samples.  It must have been back when I was still into monthly subscription boxes like Birchbox and Eco-Emi.  I think I saw it mentioned on someone's blog . . . ?  It was a brand new program.  I signed up, not quite sure what it was all about, and never heard a word from them.  That was June 2, 2012 according to my account information.

Fast forward to January 11, 2013, when I received an email from Sircle Samples saying I'd been invited to join.  At first I didn't even remember what the heck it was and I almost dumped the email as spam.  After wracking my brain for a bit and then finally going to the sight I was like 'Ohhhhh yeah!' and had quite a giggle.

So what the heck IS Sircle Samples?  It's not like Birchbox or those types of monthly subscription programs.  This one is absolutely, totally free.  Well, at least it has been so far.  They are still in beta testing, so I can't really say what the program will involve once it's rolled out to the general public.  Anyway, it's a sample 'shopping' program.  It seems to be mainly beauty based but I read that there are also a lot of body and hair care products, and possibly some lifestyle products.  You get to pick what you want to try, and you 'pay' for them with the points you earn for taking part in surveys, referring friends, writing reviews.  When I registered on the site way back in June 2012, I received 500 points.  When I was accepted and filled out my 'beauty profile' in January, I received 1000 more points.  And I've been doing the daily survey pretty much every day since and earning 10 points for each one of those.  (The daily surveys are super quick, just two or three questions and you're done.)

There is a Sample Shop where they list things that might be of interest to you according to the 'beauty profile' you filled out.  Sometimes there is nothing in the shop.  Sometimes it shows things that were recently there but have sold out.  And it can be a variety of things.  I've seen makeup bags, compact mirrors, eye shadows, lip colors, face creams.  The 'price' varies depending on the item, but are usually around 300 points for basic things like lip and eye products.  The compact mirror that is available now is 600 points.  I've 'bought' two products so far, a face cream and a lip pencil . . . 300 points each.  You have to stalk the Sample Shop though because you don't know when things will be added (or what they'll be) and they go fast once they're listed.

Once you 'buy' something it does take a while to actually receive your product.  I think it took almost three weeks to get my first one, and maybe two weeks for the other.  Considering they are absolutely free, I'm not going to complain.  I have seen a lot of people on the Facebook page whining about it though.  I really don't understand the sense of entitlement some people feel!  People are bitching about the samples available, or the lack of samples, or the fact that they're not notified when things are listed.  Wow, really?  Go to the freakin' store and buy what you want then!

Why am I even doing this if I don't wear makeup?  Well, like I said, I signed up way back when I was all into this kind of thing.  And like I've also said, it looks like there is more than just makeup here.  Maybe I'll use my points to get some giveaway prizes for here on the blog.  And besides, I know there are a lot of people who might be reading this that would love to get involved in this.  I'm going to put my referral link below.  I will get points if you use my link, tis true, but even if you just go directly to the site and sign up, that's cool.  Just keep in mind, they are in beta testing at the moment and it took a loooooong time for me to even hear back from them.

My Sircle Samples referral link . . . HERE

You can also find them on Facebook . . . HERE

So what have I gotten so far?
My first 'order' was for Apothederm Moisturizing Cream.  They also sent a sample of their stretch mark cream (which was also in the Sample Shop at that time) and some informational reading material.  I thought that was pretty cool, since I'd been thinking it would only be the cream I'd selected.

The face cream is just a small .5 oz. jar.  At first I was using it as a regular face moisturizer, all over my face, but found it was a bit heavier than what I like, so I've switched to just using it as an eye cream at night.  Seems really nice that way.  And with the tiny dabs I need for just the eye area, this little jar will last quite a long time.

This is the stretch mark cream, just a small .17 oz. foil packet.  I haven't used it yet because I don't believe these types of products really work.  You know, stretch mark and cellulite reducers?  And even if they do, I'd need about a five gallon pail full to handle my problem areas.  *snort*

The brain food that was included.

My second 'order' was for a Nyx jumbo lip pencil.  It was a randomly selected shade, which I thought would be fun.

Don't know if you can see it enough but they sent me color number 714/Sable Bronze.  When I looked at it I laughed a bit because I don't wear lip color but thought maybe I could take baby steps into trying some, but this does not look like a shade to debut with.  Or, I don't know, maybe it is?  Maybe once applied it's not as odd as it seems to me now?  I'm not sure what to do with this yet . . . try it, or put it in a giveaway package.  Anyone interested in winning this??

They also sent a cute little silver coin, which is actually chocolate.  I have not eaten it yet because I was waiting to get these pics taken, but I will indulge now once I have this posted.

So yeah, just a fun little program I somehow got involved with and thought you might be interested too.  Let me know what you think!  Have you ever heard of Sircle Samples???

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