Tuesday, March 12, 2013

High Water & Other Natterings

Came home from work last night to find this sign on the road in front of our property.  If you look closely in the background, there is another of these signs at the top of the hill back there.  We've had a ton of snow this winter and now that we're approaching spring, and temps are starting to climb, things are going to get extremely sloppy around here.  We already had several warm days and a weekend full of rain, and all that water can only get soaked up so fast.  The low spot on this road (back where you can see the fresh snow sort of drifted into the left side lane) was pretty much flooded across on Sunday and Monday.  Luckily it hasn't gotten too warm yet, and luckily it's been cloudy so the sun hasn't been helping the melting, or this situation would horrible.  Our daytime temps still keep creeping over the freeze point though, so yes, our spring mess has begun.

I'll try to go get another pic later in the day, or tomorrow if it floods again.

Looking the other direction from the road in front of our house, you see that darker area all across the snowy field?  It looks sort of grayish, beyond the snowdrift along the road.  That is also water from our recent rainy melty days.  This is pretty darn big right now but will get much bigger as spring goes on.  It's small pond size now.  We usually have a small version of this every year anyway but I have a feeling it will be ginormous this year.  It's cool though when the geese head back north, because the whole field will fill up as they make a stop here.

In other news, I finally went and got my hair cut this morning.  And hate it.  I always hate dragging myself in to get it cut because it's like each girl has her own idea of what I'm telling her to do.  I think I need to look back through pics of myself, find one of a time I was happy with my hair and take that with me when I go.  I realize they can't hack off huge amounts at a time and that it's safer to go back and take more off until it's how I want it, but when they work in seemingly millimeter lengths at a time it just gets frustrating on my end ... and I'm sure on theirs.  I almost always give up, thinking 'Ah, well it's better than when I came in.'  BLEAH!  Someone told me there is like a three day guarantee or something, where I can go back and have it trimmed more until I'm satisfied, but I've never done that.

I've also been frustrated in my pre-writing excitement.  I spent nearly every free moment at work over the weekend scribbling notes and trying to sort out details of the story I wanted to write first.  Too many things need to be worked out on that one though.  It's an attempt at 'paranormal romance' since I'm all into that apparently.  Although I love to read it, I've always known I could probably never write it.  It's funny because, when it comes to things like vampires or werewolves or angels, you can pretty much write whatever you want because there is nothing real that people can say "That's not right!"  Yet, there are common beliefs, sort of like common rules that people associate with such 'imaginary' things.  Look at vampires ... when Stephanie Meyer made the Cullens sparkly vegetarian daylighters, there was some scoffing because we've all come to know the traditional idea of vampires.  So for what I want to write about (angels) there is no way anyone can really know anything about them but there are tons of things written about them in the Bible and other religious studies, so it's like with the vampires.  There is no proof but people have come to 'know' certain things.

I've asked a few people to tell me what they know about angels and it's amazing how flabbergasted they get.  It actually takes a while to get past the struggling for words beyond "Uh, well, they uh, they have wings."  It's quite interesting when someone will actually take the time to have an actual conversation about it all.  Sadly, most people won't.  And yes, the internet is a wealth of information but my point in asking people is to find what common beliefs there may or may not be.

I really really really want to write an angel story but my dude can't be an angel just for the sake of being an angel.  There has to be a point to it.  I could make him Nephilim, which is half-angel, but that just doesn't seem as exciting.  And it seems all of the angel series I've read so far have had the fallen angels and the Nephilim battling each other.  I don't really want to go down that road again.  As I said, too many things to work out and it's becoming frustrating.  So as I'm driving home from my crappy hair cut this morning, listening to my cd of story inspiring songs, one of those songs jumped out at me and smacked me square in the face with a previous story I'd been dying to write.  Suddenly everything seemed so easy!  There is nothing mythical or paranormal in this one.  It's just a simple, sappy, emotional drama that has been in my head for years already.  I was so happy in the car, wanting to get home and get going on it.  And then once I got home and puttered around on some other things that needed to be done first, it felt like I was abandoning my angel dude.  Ohhhhhhhhhh, what to do?  I think I need to finish this post, crank up some sappy songs, and see what happens.

Or I can push it off yet again and go read my angel book that I'm in love with instead.

In tart news, I have Front Porch's Lemon Marshmallow melting right now.  I'm pretty sure I've already done a 'Melted' post on this scent so don't get excited, thinking I'll have something tarty coming instead of boring natterings.  The other day at Walmart I saw a new Lemon Cake scented candle that was to die for.  I think it was the Mainstays line, and it was in all their different sizes.  I didn't get one at the time but I think next time I'm there I will grab a small $2.00 one.  I've also been thinking about what I want to do when I start ordering tarts again ... whether I want to go back to trying random shops I find on Etsy, or stick with one or two dependable shops like I'd planned.  It's fun to try new shops and it gives me things to blog about, but it can get pricey and frustrating if you have a bunch of failures.  I guess we'll just have to wait and see how I feel when the time comes.  I've still got my big box of Sweet Fixations tarts that I haven't started yet, and a handful of last few others.  I'm also trying to follow hubby's lead and melt my tarts till they are drained of scent.  I'm fighting that impatient melt-it-once-and-move-on urge.  I've even moved my tart warmer and seem to be getting better scent throw now.  All in all though, nothing exciting to report in my wax world.

How are YOU doing?


  1. "In other news, I finally went and got my hair cut this morning. And hate it. I always hate dragging myself in to get it cut because it's like each girl has her own idea of what I'm telling her to do." I FEEL THE SAME WAY. Ugh, why does it always look terrible after the initial cutting? Buyers remorse, perhaps? I'm sure your hair looks really nice. :)

    "I've still got my big box of Sweet Fixations tarts that I haven't started yet" ONCE AGAIN, GET TA MELTIN', WOMAN! ;)

    Looking forward to hearing your final findings on the whole angel debacle. Make it a dude, you know you want to!

    1. He's definitely a dude. That's not the problem. I might have to bore you further in email. Hehe!


  2. Oh yeah, and I WILL send you those paint swatches soon...we have been at my MIL's house every day for...4 days straight? Until late, cleaning out her house. Yikes...it's been somethin'.

    1. Have you uncovered any deep family secrets? Maybe that secret cash stash? :P

      I can't wait for our snow and cold to be GONE so we can get going on some major cleanups around here ... both inside and out.