Thursday, March 28, 2013

Melted - Sweet Fixations / Banana French Toast

Banana French Toast - ‘(SF Blend) French toast stuffed with bananas
and topped with cinnamon streusel.

I *love* French toast.  One of the things hubby and I love to do is go to IHOP every now and then on a Sunday morning, where I always get the same French Toast selection.  Mmmm!  And this scent is equally delish!  Banana and cinnamon are the strongest notes but they only slightly beat out that base note of bread, and it is by no means a spicy scent.  The banana is soft and mellow, and the cinnamon warms it instead of spices it.  The bread note, you don't always realize is there but then you stop and realize that yes it is indeed very much there after all.

I melted this whole 1 oz. tart in my tea light warmer and the only downfall to this supper yummy scent is that it is on the lighter end of the scent throw spectrum.  It did travel to adjacent rooms but it is light, more of a subtle pleasantness in the air than a heavy foodie scent.  It's like someone made banana French toast hours ago for breakfast and the smell is still lingering.  Very nice.

I would definitely order this one again.  I might even try melting two next time, in different areas of the house to see if I can get a stronger scent throughout.

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