Thursday, March 7, 2013

Melted - Sweet Fixations / Tulip

Tulip- 'Very lovely strong scent, not overly floral.'
Sweet Fixations is probably my favorite vendor these days.  I've been sitting on my big year end order, saving them until I've melted through everything else I have, and I'm looking forward to spending time with those little gems soon.  Until then, this is one of the floral scents hubby had wanted in that more recent, and smaller order.  He is the floral fan in this house.  I usually stay far away from such scents.  There are the occasional florals that surprise me though, and this is one of them.
Tulips are my favorite flower but I'd never be able to recognize them by scent.  I don't even really know if this scent smells like actual tulips?!  I guess I'll have to go out and smell my flowers this spring, huh?  Anyway, there was almost something lightly spicy in this scent.  It was not at all chokingly perfumey as some florals can be.  There was a bit of a greenery note, and that sort of 'spice' note, and the bulk of it was a 'dark' sweet floral.

The strength and staying power of this tart were amazing.  Hubby melted the entire 1 oz. tart in a tea light warmer in the living room.  The first day he melted it, I had been at work and when I came home, as soon as I opened the back door I could smell this.  It scented the whole dang house but it still wasn't overwhelming.  I was impressed with this tart right away on that first day.  But then it continued to impress me when hubby remelted it . . . over and over again.  I'm usually too impatient and toss my tarts before their scent is gone.  Hubby is not that way at all.  He just kept remelting this one, and it always had decent scent.  He got at least six tea light burns (at least 24 hours) over several days before the scent was finally limited to just the living room.  He was willing to melt it a couple more times but I was the one who finally dumped it just to move on to something else.  Makes me wonder though if the tart was uber or the location of the warmer played a factor.  Hmmm.
While I did not love this scent because florals just aren't my thing, it was a nice enough scent to get away from my usual bakery types for a change, and the staying power was amazing.  If hubby ever wants to order more spring/floral scents, I will definitely get this one again.


  1. This just seems really nice overall. Florals can be really lovely every once in a while. Your husband is adorbz, though, reburning things for 6 days in a row. He wanted to use it all up! It's resourceful of him. :)

    1. Yep, he has pointed out that I *used* to use mine till every bit of scent was gone, and asked why I don't anymore. Well back then I only had precious few tarts and needed to get as much use of them as I could. These days, when there are so many vendors and so many scents and so little time ... well, you konw ...

      I wonder if it's easier with an electric warmer? Just turn it on and let it do it's thing until you don't smell it. Whenever I go to light a new tea light on a tart already melted, I wonder if I'm wasting the candle on a weakened tart.