Thursday, March 28, 2013

Read - Emblaze

by Jessica Shirvington
445 pages

When you're hanging off the edge of a volcano, how do you make the most important decision of your life? For Violet Eden the decisions between right and wrong are getting harder and harder. Because apparently being a half-angel Grigori doesn't always make you right.

Where is the good in having to choose between the life of her best friend and saving humanity? How does she balance a soul-crushing need for her Grigori partner, Lincoln, and the desire to keep him safe at all costs? And what if the darkest exiled angel of all, Phoenix, isn't as bad as she thought?

Both sides—Angels vs. Exiles—are racing to decipher an ancient scripture that would allow anyone banished to the Underworld to return. And at the very center: Violet. She only has one chance to make the right choice...


I struggled with this third book of the Embrace series. One of the things that I loved about this series in the beginning was that it kept a quick pace and stayed on track. This one seemed to have a lot of weak spots and filler. The huge deal made out of exchanging the scriptures seemed over the top. Spending a day wandering around the volcano island seemed pointless. Endless meetings to review the translations, when really they just kept repeating the same things, was redundant. Violet being 'asleep' for four days with Phoenix seemed pointless, even though it was brief in actual description. I don't know, this one just seemed really off course.

The relationship between Violet and Lincoln is in danger of failing for me. Something needs to change SOON or the author is going to have let a potentially great thing use itself up. Let them be together! Let Phoenix be the thing that troubles their relationship more than the silly shattering of souls storyline that is just annoyingly dragging its feet.

I love Phoenix. I'm to the point that I'm somehow hoping it's HIM she's *meant* to be with. I loved the Violet-Lincoln pairing early on but he is becoming increasingly annoying in his broad dramatic statements about dying for her and killing anyone who tries to hurt her, and yet he cowers and hides and avoids being around her. Yeah, because that's helping anyone? I hate when authors use that tactic ... Oooh We're Meant To Be Together And The Whole World Knows It But For Stupidly Weak Reasons We're Going To Fight Against It And Cause Each Other Pain By Trying To Deny It.

Still, there were moments in this book that had me crying.  There was something near the end that had me pretty much sobbing, but then I realized the way I was understanding the events was wrong and the incredibly beautiful thing I thought was happening had really just been an accident.  Doh! 

This third installment of the series has the Phoenix and the Grigori agreeing to trade the scriptures that they'd fought for at the end of the second book.  The Grigori had actually come away with the scripture that Phoenix desperately wanted, which is why they needed to strike a deal for the trade in this third book.  The Grigori have figured out what Phoenix needs his for ... he wants to release Lilith from Hell.  Even though they do trade with him, they also know they must stop him.  So the race is on once again.  Can Violet reason with him?  Or if it comes down to it, kill him?

As disappointed as I was with this book, I'm looking forward to the next one and I'm hoping like crazy the author will let Violet and Lincoln be together and find some happiness! If she drags this We Can't Be Together out through one more book I don't know if I'll have any interest left.



  1. "but then I realized the way I was understanding the events was wrong and the incredibly beautiful thing I thought was happening had really just been an accident. Doh!"

    Oh nice!
    Bummer it wasn't as good. I too am not a fan of weak We Can't Be Together junk just so that they Can't Be Together for several books.

    1. I don't like when one person decides to just not talk to or deal with the other person, usually without explanation. It happened in the Mortal Instruments series, and now it's happening in this series. Ok, in a way, if you 'can't be together' maybe it is best to just cut ties, but it would be nice to have a confrontation explaining that.

      Girl - "Why are you being such a dick to me?!"
      Boy - "Because we both know we can't be together, so I think it's just easier if we stop pretending we can be."
      Girl - "So just like that you can turn your feelings off?"
      Boy - "No, but we at least have to try."

      You know, SOMETHING. But nooooo, they just have page after page of stolen glances and 'Why aren't you talking to me?' whining.


    2. Actually, THIS series isn't *that* bad. I got carried away in my generalization.


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    4. Yup, I agree re: actual confrontation instead of the other dippy crap.