Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Game of Thrones - Season Two

I've been putting off posting my thoughts on the second season because I was trying to wait until my sister had watched it, but now that the third season has started I'm going to start confusing what happened when if I don't do this soon.  So here goes . . .

Close your eyes if you haven't watched the show yet . . .

*** SPOILERS ***

First of all, I didn't think I liked the second season near as much as I liked the first.  It seemed that we didn't see enough of the few people we care about, and instead had deal with a bunch of new characters on top of the old characters that just need to die agonizing deaths.  Hubby had seen the second season while it originally aired, but I had not.  When the dvd set was released, we did a marathon viewing of the entire season in one weekend.  Maybe I thought I didn't like it because this was my first look at it.  With the first season I'd seen many more bits of various episodes and sort of knew the story.  I tried to remind myself of that and keep an open mind.  And then, the weekend of the third season premiere, HBO replayed a marathon of the second season so we watched them all again.  Sure enough, now that I was more familiar with it, I enjoyed the second season a bit more.

One of my favorite stories of the second season was new character Jaqen H'ghar.  He is someone that Arya encounters as she continues to travel, pretending to be a boy, after her father Ned was executed in the first season.  He is very mysterious, and has a 'gift.'  Because Arya freed him and two others during an attack, she can name any three people and Jaqen will kill them.  While her list of people she wants dead is long indeed, she uses her choices wisely.  And then Jaqen leaves at the end of the season.  Nooooooo!  I'm sure this storyline will be revisited but it won't be the same Jaqen because of the weirdness he displayed just before he left.  *sniffle*

'The Hound' redeemed himself in some ways in the second season, not that I was ever convinced he was all bad anyway.  He saves Sansa more than once, and even offers to get her safely out of King's Landing when he ends up going on the run.

Poor, unfortunate Cersei is losing control of everything.  Her prick of a son Joffrey became king in the first season and it's gone to his head in a big way now.  She can no longer control him, and he uses every opportunity to trash her and make her look foolish.  She's also losing her young daughter as her brother Tyrion ('The Imp') is pretty much in charge as Hand of the King and makes a deal to have her married off when she is older.  Cersei's beloved brother Jamie is still gone, still a prisoner of the Starks as the war rages on.  And as daddy Tywin Lannister storms the city and saves the day, she knows there isn't much room left for her.  All her grand plans are seeming to backfire.

Joffrey continues to be horrible.  The more whiny he gets, the meaner he gets to cover up for it.  He's all big talk but when it comes time to prove himself he's constantly a whiny baby being saved by everyone else.

Margaery is one of the new characters.  Best known as Henry VIII's wife Anne Boleyn in The Tudors, she is the wife of Renly Baratheon now.  She is also the sister of Loras Tyrell, who is Renly's lover.  We already knew in the first season that Renly was gay.  He's taken Margaery as a wife to cover up that fact now that he's trying to claim the throne.  Renly meets and untimely end, and Margaery ends up in Kings Landing, flaunting her hootchie self in front of Joffrey and setting herself up as a better match for him than Sansa Stark would be.

Through a series of events, Tywin Lannister ends up with Arya Stark in his custody, working as his little helper (pouring wine, serving meals, various little chores) but has no idea who she really is.  Or does he?  Hubby and I pondered this, whether he knew or not.  In the end, I don't think he knew and I'm not even sure if he ever knew that the Lannisters back in Kings Landing did NOT have her.  I know for sure though that when Petyr Baelish visited him, that he recognized Arya.  Hubby doesn't think Baelish knew who it was either.

We finally meet Stannis Baratheon, who is indeed the rightful heir to the throne, and he's going to try and get it.  He has an annoying companion named Melisandre (or The Red Lady) who has weirdness about her.  She is some sort of fire witch or something.  She promises to give Stannis the son his wife hasn't been able to.  And she does indeed give birth ... in one of the freakiest birth scenes ever.  That's no bouncing baby boy she pushes out . . .

Brienne is another new character.  A huge, manly woman, she had sworn to protect Renly but now serves Lady Catelyn Stark and has been given the task of secretly and safely delivering Jamie Lannister back to Kings Landing in return for release of Sansa and Arya Stark.  Catelyn doesn't know yet that the Lannisters don't have Arya.  But anyway, I'm not sure what Brienne's deal is yet.  She just sort of appears on the scene and is suddenly a big part of the story.  I suspect there is giant blood in her, just like there is in Hodor back at Winterfell.  Wildling girl Osha had mentioned she thought Hodor had giant blood but everyone scoffs and says there are no giants in the world anymore.  Hmmm, I think there are.

Just like I still think John Snow will end up being a very important person once we find out who his mother was.

Speaking of John Snow, he's been traveling north of The Wall with his brotherhood since their leader has decided there are things out there that need to be dealt with.  Along the way, he captures a 'wildling' girl named Ygritte and becomes separated from his group.  It's obvious these two are going to have some sort of love story.  I'm not sure yet how I feel about her but the way they interact early on is hysterical.  Poor John, the way she picks on him about never being with a girl and all the things she says about him, and how he bashfully and awkwardly tries to remain respectable.  Quite funny!

Theon Greyjoy is one of the many people who need to die a slow agonizing death.  Oh.My.Gawd!  While you can almost sympathize with his story to some point, the things he does in the second season are just so soooo wrong.  He's trying to redeem himself in his father's eyes and has all these grand plans for proving himself.  First, he is a traitor to Robb Stark when he decides to abandon the Stark side of the battle.  Then he goes back to Winterfell with his own 'army' and claims it as his.  Everything he does is bumbling and horrible with disastrous and heartbreaking results.  I never really did like him but I kinda always thought he'd do the right thing in a pinch.  Guess not!
Among the many horrendous things that happen when Theon 'takes' Winterfell, what happens to Master Luwin had me bawling.  This was the wise and gentle adviser to the Stark family.  He pretty much raised Theon along with the other Stark children.  He was their teacher, their doctor ... everything.  I just loved this character, and Theon must DIE!

Khaleesi has been having a tough time since surviving the funeral fire and hatching of the dragon eggs at the end of the first season.  She is determined now to claim what is hers ... the throne.  She is leading the small band of Dothraki people who chose to remain loyal to her, but they are all in danger of the other Dothraki clans out there that will kill them to keep them out of power.  Half dead in the endless desert, they are granted refuge in a creepy city for a while but while they regain their strength and try to make plans for acquiring an army and some ships, things go terribly wrong and Khaleesi's baby dragons are stolen.  She goes to the Tower of the Undying (I think? Can't remember the name offhand.) because an uber creepy member of the town 'council' insists that's where he has put the dragons for safekeeping.  At first her journey through this tower just seems plain ol' weird, then you realize she is being presented with the three things she wants most.

Among them . . .
 If what happened to Master Luwin had me bawling, THIS had me gasping for air sobbing.  Wow!  This was so unexpected for me, to see Khal Drogo and their baby Rheago?!  And the conversation that followed?!  Ohhhhhhmigod ... *BLURG*

There were other storylines that I haven't touched on, like Tyrion trying to keep his girlfriend Shae safe now that they are in Kings Landing.  He manages to get her a job as Sansa's handmaiden.  This works out for everyone, but we still don't know much about Shae.  I like her and want to know what her story is.

And then there is Robb Stark meeting and marrying another somewhat mysterious girl named Talisa.  She has been working as a doctor or nurse or whatever, tending the wounded from the battles.  This is another one (like Brienne) where I'm wondering why they're going to be so important that they need to just suddenly be plunked into the story and made a key player.  I kinda don't like this girl but that might change as we learn her story.  Robb's mother Catelyn is definitely not thrilled with them marrying since he promised to marry a daughter of the perverted old guy in season one, the dude who granted them use of his bridge.

I'm sure there are other things I'm forgetting.  Like I said, now that everyone is all spread out across the land doing various things, a lot of new stories and people have been intoduced.  You kinda feel cheated that so much time is spent on these new things when you want to know what's happening with Arya or Robb, or Bran back in Winterfell.  But after watching the season twice, I'm more accepting of it as we have now started on the journey of Season Three.  (I'm even considering doing weekly episode thoughts throughout this new season.)

Are YOU a Game of Thrones fan???


  1. I zipped through the first 2.5 books just over a year ago and stopped short when I just couldn't take one more page of unrelenting grimness LOL! I think that's why I've avoided the show--I don't want to actually *see* all that! Martin is such an amazing storyteller, though. I'll probably pick up the books and get going again sooner or later.

    1. I've read the first book but then decided to wait on the rest because I've heard that while the first season of the show is pretty close to the book, the others start to get really different from each other. I will probably start reading the others during the big break after the third season.

      You should watch the show!


  2. I still have to watch this!! I did DL the first book in the series, though, and stuck it on my Kindle...I thought I had it there but it disappeared. :)

    1. Watch the show ... it'll be much easier and quicker. lol (They are really big books! Like over 800 pages each.)


  3. I'm about to write an email, but I just wanted to say here I liked the Jaqen dude too! It sucked when he morphed.

    1. I had to laugh at something in your email because I *TOTALLY* agree.

      Since Jaqen gave Arya that coin, we pretty much know something will come up again with those guys. And sure enough, something somewhere seemingly unrelated has come up already in the third season.