Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Melted - Sweet Fixations / Strawberry French Toast

Strawberry French Toast - ‘(SF Blend) Sweet strawberry jam and French toast.

This is my favorite of the three French toast scents I've tried so far ... banana, blueberry, strawberry.  You really do smell the strawberry and it does indeed smell like jam.  The warmth of the cinnamon comes later, and is soft, wrapped up in the bread note.  Sometimes it smells like regular toast with jam, and I expect there to be an accompanying coffee scent.  Whichever way your nose and brain lead you though, this is really good scent.

I melted this whole 1 oz. tart in my tea light warmer and had a medium-strong scent and throw.  I had gone outside for a bit and when I came back in, I could smell this as soon as I opened the back door.  It was a pleasant level of scent though, not overwhelming as I got closer to the warmer.  It was a very comfortable and homey scent throughout the house.

I would definitely order this one again.


  1. Replies
    1. I really liked this one. At times it smelled like cinnamon rolls with a bit of strawberry sweetness.

      I need to get more of this one.