Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Melted - Sweet Fixations / Sweet Cherry Bread

Sweet Cherry Bread - ‘(SF Blend) Buttered bread topped with juicy cherries.

I'm sure everyone knows by now that I hate zucchini bread scents.  Unfortunately, this is too close to a zucchini bread scent for my liking.  Bummer, because it seems like it should be so yummy.  I only get a very faint hint of sweetness, and not even something I'd recognize as cherry.  The bulk of this scent is salty, doughy bread.  Bread scent lovers might still love this, but that resemblance to zucchini bread just turns me off.

I melted this entire 1 oz. tart in my tea light warmer and had a medium/strong scent and throw.  I could pick up a warm, bakery note in the air throughout most parts of the downstairs of the house.  It was not heavy in the air, but definitely noticeable.

I won't order this again ONLY because it reminds me of the dreaded zucchini bread.


  1. Is it the mositness of zucchini bread you dislike?? It always smells soggy and musty...was sniffing something I got the other day in ZB and YUCK, too much! I am seeing a theme with your recent melts, though...bread, cake, cookies... :)

    1. It is indeed the moist, salty, yuckiness that turns me off. I don't know, it's just really gross to me.

      That's funny about the bread, cake, cookie trend because these have all been random picks from my stash box. I just blindly plunge my hand in when it's time for a new tart and melt whatever I pull out. I know there ARE some fruity and summery scents in there, so it's funny I keep getting these bakery ones. Then again, I don't really get into florals or earthy or perfumey scents for home fragrance. I'm not into Pink blends or Fruit Loops types. Gimme good ol' cozy foodie scents!


    2. Okayyy, here's my Sweet Fixations zucchini bread verdict ...

      I love it. LOL

      When I first started melting it, I was unsure what I thought of it. I was worried that I was starting to fill the house with icky. I kinda thought maybe I got what you were saying about the moist saltiness. But then by about 20 minutes in, I was loving it. Weirdly, it smells exactly like sugar cutout cookies when they're *just* getting ready to come out of the oven. YUMMMMY

      Brad has said twice the damn thing's making him hungry.

    3. (smells exactly like that to me, I mean)

    4. Well, we're just going to blame this unfortunate turn of events on your current condition. Eeuuw, I never would have guessed yummy sugar cookies when smelling zucchini nastibread. lol