Sunday, May 12, 2013

Target Tarts - Gift Haul

A tart post?!  Can you believe it?!  I was starting to wonder myself, if I'd ever have anything wax related to post about.  But aha . . . Mother's Day to the rescue!  Ty got me these two packs of tarts from Target.  While I have tried Target's tarts before (see a post from last fall HERE), these look like a new style.  Or maybe they are just the smaller packs that I never paid much attention too.

While there is sort of an attempt to come across as the traditional six cube clamshell style we're all familiar with, these are actually very different.  The tray is very shallow, and the cubes are very wide and flat,  The packaging leaves much to be desired.  First, the outer plastic package has a frustrating double tab flap thingie that keeps the package closed.  Once you pry that open, you have to pull the hangie tab thinger back through the slot and then sort of awkwardly hold the flap and tab apart with one hand while you try to dig your fingers into the opening to get the inner tart package out.  And then once you have that out you flip it over to find there is just a piece of sticky-sealed plastic over the back (flat) side of the tart tray.  It will stick again when you lay it back over the tarts but it will probably be wrinkled and crooked.  Well, I guess once you shove the whole thing back into the frustrating outer package it will be better protected, but geez.

Moving on . . .

Since these were a gift, I don't know how much they cost, but total weight of the wax bar is 2.4 oz, which is about what you get in Better Homes & Gardens/Scentsationals.  This means I will probably melt two cubes at a time when I use these.  Oh, and these are Chesapeake Bay Candle brand tarts.

There are no scent descriptions on the package and I couldn't even find tarts on the Chesapeake Bay website, so I'll have to wing it on these.  Paradise Flower is sort of a sweet, greenery-floral scent.  There is almost something watery about it, like an ocean type scent or something.  Sometimes I think there is just a hint of something like fruit in there too.  If I had to come up with something familiar to compare it to, I would say it's almost like a very light lilac on a rainy day.

Bamboo Sugar Cane might be familiar to more adventurous wax lovers.  I know there are plenty of vendors who have this type of scent.  My very first thought when I first sniffed this was of those tubes of model glue, like my brothers always had while putting together model car or airplane kits.  When I go back and sniff the tarts to get a more reasonable idea, it's once again a sort of wet greenery-floral type scent.  I really don't care for this one much.  There is that sort of perfumey floral note that is the key to what I don't like about floral scents in general.  BUT, just because *I* do not like this type of scent doesn't mean there aren't plenty of people out there who do  It's just not for me.

While I was thrilled that Ty got me tarts for Mother's Day, I'm sad that he chose some duds as far as my tastes go.  I'm not sure what I'll do with these.  I'm considering doing a giveaway because I know someone out there will love these scents.  I might have to get Ty's permission to do that though . . . lol

So what do you think?  Are you familiar with either of these scents?  Have you tried Target's tarts?  Would you be interested in a giveaway??  Let me know!


  1. What a nice mother's day present! Sorry they weren't to your taste, but at least he got you something you like -- wax! :)

    I've never heard of these tarts! I have had a bamboo sugar cane scent from CFTKR, smelled nice on cold sniff! Giveaways are always great! Don't tell anyone...but I'm planning one soon, too! just getting the final touches together. :)

    All in all, was your mother's day a good one?

    1. Mother's Day was mellow. I got a couple other small gifts and spent the day just lounging around home.

      I'm still undecided about the giveaway. Hubby says he'll melt these on days I work, if I really don't want them. I don't know, might be more fun to give them away. hehe


  2. Hi Deb! New here and SO appreciate your blog. It's too bad about the target tarts, who doesn't need another reason to add random but "must have" items to their cart while browsing the aisles there. I guess the tarts won't be on my "i didn't come here for this, but......" list :)

    1. Hello! And welcome to my nattering blog. :) I've been pretty bad about posting lately.

      The Target tarts aren't bad. I had some last fall in lovely pumpkin/spice scents. The packaging sucks, and they're pricey compared to other stores, but the tarts themselves aren't bad. If I saw a unique and yummy scent one day, a pack might indeed find its way into my cart. lol