Friday, June 7, 2013

Melted - Better Homes & Gardens / Vanilla Caramel Spice

Vanilla Caramel Spice is an interestingly aggravating scent for me, and it makes me laugh.  I've had it before and think I might have actually given away or thrown away most of the pack.  Time passed, I saw this in the store and sniffed it, and thought 'Mmmm, wow, this is NICE!'  Even though I suspected this was the one I'd had and didn't like, I decided it must have been something else because this one I was smelling was darn yummy.  So I got it.

Well, wouldn't you know, looking through old blog posts last week I discovered that this was indeed the same scent.  Huh.  Proves our tastes change over time, right?  Apparently not, because I'm not digging this now that I have it home and have melted it again.  I don't hate it, but there is just something about it that bothers me.  When I'm not looking at the package and seeing that it says CARAMEL, I always think it's a vanilla-cinnamon blend.  On cold sniff it's a much sweeter and creamier scent, but when melted the spice note comes through quite strong and I'm pretty sure that spice is just plain ol' cinnamon.  I think it is because of the sweeter cold sniff scent that I keep thinking I'll like this.  Again, I don't hate it, but I think when that cinnamon comes through it just totally changes the scent.  There is a sort of caramel note deep in there, and the vanilla keeps the cinnamon in more of a bakery type category as opposed to a fall or holiday type cinnamon, but it is still a spicy scent.

I melted two cubes (about .8 oz.) in my tea light warmer and had strong scent and throw.  I can easily smell this all over the downstairs of my house.  As usual with the BH&G tarts, I'm finding on the second melt (one tea light lasts about 4 hours) there is still plenty of scent.  I did notice that when the tea light went out and the wax cooled, the lingering scent went back to that creamier, yummier version.  I also noticed that when I came back into the house from being outside, not only did I smell this immediately from the back door but it was that creamier version.

So while this was not a horrible scent it was definitely not a favorite, and I'll have to try and remember not to buy it next time I see it and sniff it and think 'YUM!'


  1. Do you find it's a sweet cinnamon versus a bakery type of cinnamon? I noticed CFTKR has two different types, and the sweeter version I just don't care for at all.

    It's always sort of depressing when we give things a try (or another try) and don't find them to our liking. It just seems like such a waste, you know? Or, because it's there you're almost FORCED to like it because you paid money for it?! Am I the only one?!

    1. It is a sweet cinnamon, yet not like candy Red Hots sweet.

      I hear ya on feeling like we have to like things we paid for. LOL! But, it's worse when you can actually smell something in the store and decide to buy it, as opposed to taking a chance on some scent you see online.


    2. Totally agreed, it's way worse smelling something in real life, in person, than guessing online. But, we should never second guess ourselves!

    3. Ha ... why doesn't someone have a Can't Believe I Bought That round robin box??? LOL