Monday, July 22, 2013

Melted - My Pink Dreams / Lemon Sugar

Lemon Sugar - 'Remember the taste of childhood, lemonhead candy? This fragrance takes it up a notch with citrus top notes of real lemon, and warm base notes of vanilla and sugar.'

A nice, bright lemony scent but more like a Pledge cleaner type lemon.  There does seem to be a bit of citrus zing, and there is sweetness, but I don't really get any specific vanilla note.  Even though this leans more towards Pledge than candy or bakery lemon, it's still a nice scent, very cheerful.

I melted this entire 2ish oz. tart in my tea light warmer and only had a light to medium scent in the room the warmer was in.  It seemed to take a long time, even after the wax was melted, to get any really noticeable scent and even then it was mainly if the air was stirred up by someone walking by or a breeze through the window.

This is a nice scent, just needs to be stronger.


  1. Is lemon sugar typically more bakery than lemon cleanerish? I've gotten both versions, so I'm not exactly sure. Sad about this one, it sounds nice.

    1. Not sure if actual Lemon Sugar is more bakery or more cleanerish. I remember making soap in Lemon Sugar scent and was surprised by the sort of 'warm' note in it. This one leaned more towards zingy lemon.