Saturday, July 20, 2013

Watched - World War Z

World War Z
116 minutes

United Nations employee Gerry Lane (Brad Pitt) traverses the world in a race against time to stop the Zombie pandemic that is toppling armies and governments, and threatening to destroy humanity itself. 

I had no real interest in seeing this movie but hubby has been getting more and more anxious to go, so today we went.  Since it's been out for a while now there were only eight other people in the theater with us.  Well, there were eight others when the movie started but a guy and 9ish year old son left quite early on because  . . . O.M.G. . . . it was freakin' intense.  I don't know if the boy got freaked or if the dad decided it was too much for him but I can totally understand them leaving.  Wow.

Since I'd had no interest in this beforehand and paid so little attention to the commercials and talk about it, I had no real expectations going into this movie.  I mean, I've heard it's completely different from the book and that people are mad about that.  I've also heard that the movie sucked.  But I haven't paid attention to details of why it's different or why it sucked.  AND since we rarely ever go see movies in the theater maybe I have a tendency towards liking anything I see in the theater, so having said all that I will just say  . . . I liked this movie quite a lot!

The movie starts off mellow enough, Gerry (Brad Pitt) and his family having breakfast in the morning, then in stand-still city traffic as the head to wherever it was they were going (work? school?).  While waiting in traffic there is an ever increasing sense of urgency with helicopters flying over and cops/sirens racing all around and warnings on the radio and then -BAM!- all hell breaks loose as people are suddenly running down the street screaming and cars are smashing into each other to try and get out there and just complete chaos.  The very first blink-of-an-eye shot of the first zombie we see will forever freak me out.  *shudders*  Just the speed of it all happening, and not knowing just what it is, and the family trying to stay together . . .  it was intense and overwhelming.  The first half hour is crazy!

It settles down a bit after that as Gerry and family are airlifted to safety by some connections he has.  They find themselves on a military ship and Gerry gets information on what's going on.  Then he's told he needs to come out of 'retirement' and go on this mission to try and find the cause of this zombie invasion, and find a way to stop it.  He's also told that if he doesn't do this he and his family will be booted off the ship because there is no room for people not contributing.  Knowing his family is safest on this ship, he agrees to do it.  From there he begins traveling all over the world as he tracks down information.  There is more action and more intense chaos scattered throughout the rest of the movie, and at one point the people back on the ship conclude that Gerry has been killed so they have no choice but to send his family to a 'safe camp' back on land.

This movie had me hooked right from the get-go.  It keeps a quick pace, keeps the adrenalin flowing.  At least it did for me!  But maybe that's because this is not a movie I'd typically watch.  I cried too, of course.  Not too sure how I felt about the actual zombies.  I prefer the old school, stumbling around and stupid kind of zombies.  These were FAST and creepy, but not particularly smart.  (I *hate* when zombies seem to have some mental capacity left.)  When they were all stampeding and climbing over each other up the walls . . .
. . . holy crap!  And why do all creepy monster creatures have to make the teeth clicking chattering sound????  *shudders again*

So yeah, while zombie buffs or action buffs might be able to pick this movie to bits, I liked it.  I would even be willing to go see this one again! 


  1. Yay for movie reviews! I am really behind on commenting on everyone's blog, but I didn't want to miss this post. Glad you liked the movie, I'm sure we'll buy it when it comes out on DVD. :D

    Agreed though, slow and stupid zombies are much better, makes me feel like I could stand a chance.

    1. I might try and watch the first three seasons of The Walking Dead before the new season starts. I've never been interested enough to sit down and watch with hubby, but I've seen bits along the way. Several weeks ago they were having a mini marathon or something and I realized I'm becoming more familiar with the show as it goes on, AND it reminds me of Lost in a weird way. I was a Lost FANATIC back in the day!