Sunday, August 4, 2013

Melted - Sea Breeze Scents & Things / Warm Welcome

Warm WelcomeGraham Cracker, Vanilla Frosting, & Caramel.
I was SO excited to finally be able to melt one of these.  As you might have seen in my haul post yesterday, this is a new-to-me vendor that I've become instantly impressed with.  The only test left was to see how well the tarts actually perform.  I'm pleased to report that the first one I have melted has worked like a charm.  I've already been plotting my next order!
This particular scent is sooooo yummy.  I already knew I liked graham cracker scents, and frosted graham cracker scents, so the addition of caramel in this one just took it up a notch, adding a bit more depth and richness.  This is a warm, cozy, bakery type scent.  It is sweet but not in a sugary candy-like way.  You do get the graham cracker note, but there is just this added warmth and creaminess.  So soooo good.

I melted one of these daisy tarts (.7 oz, about 2 clamshell cubes worth) in my tea light warmer and had deliciously strong scent and throw.  We could smell this easily throughout most of the downstairs of the house, and could smell it lightly even upstairs.  I first melted this last night, then decided to melt it again this morning just to see if there was any scent left.  There was, but on a much lighter level . . . light-to-medium strength in the room the warmer was in, and faintly in adjacent rooms.  Still, I'm pleased because I usually only melt my tarts once anyway.

So for those who are waiting for my verdict on this vendor . . . WIN!


  1. YEA! Good to know. You might be starting a vendor trend ...I'm waiting at the station ready to jump on board ;)

  2. Courtney is the one that opened my eyes to this vendor, but I do hope people order. Too many times, people don't want to stray away from the Gospel of the Wax Snobs and won't try something unless They endorse it first. Then again, if we keep some favored shops out of the spotlight it will keep it easier to order from! LOL


  3. This isn't my type of scent, but I am glad this was strong! I really want to try this vendor!

    1. This one is sooooooooooo good, even you would love it. :P