Sunday, August 4, 2013

Quickie In-Store Scent News

I've been keeping my eyes open for fall scents that are starting to pop up now in stores.  This weekend I noticed the following scents in Glade products.  These are available in all the usual Glade products like room sprays, candles, and even the new tarts.  If we burned candles more, I'd get one of each of these.

Pumpkin Spice - 'The mouth-watering scent combination of cardamom, nutmeg, ginger extract, crystallized caramel, pumpkin spice latte, and molasses leads the trail to fall fun.'

Toasted Marshmallow - 'Cozy up to the scent of caramel, freshly roasted coffee, smooth coconut, creamy peach and a touch of honey. Available at limited retailers.'

Orchard Apple Cinnamon - 'Together, a spicy blend of apple cider, berries, nutmeg, cinnamon, clove and vanilla scents create a sumptuous fragrance as rich as the fall memories it stirs.'
Fall Hayride - 'Orchard fruits, chrysanthemum, spice and maple sugar scents embrace you with warm, woody nuances, recreating the sensation of crisp autumn air.'

I also saw some Febreze and Air Wick candles in fall scents but I haven't been able to track them down yet online.  I keep coming up with last year's scents and pictures.  Oh well, what I've seen so far for Febreze has been Cranberry Cider, Apple & Spice, and Falling Leaves & Spice.  I did manage to find a pic of the Falling Leaves candle but no description or anything . . . 

And for Air Wick, I've never tried their candles so I can't say anything about how they perform or their strength.  I saw one called Vanilla Bean & Autumn Leaves but can't find it online.  The others I saw were . . .
Apple Cinnamon Medley - 'Captures the freshness and warmth of sweet and spicy notes that welcome guests like a warm blanket on a crisp autumn day.'
Vanilla Sugar Cookies - 'Full of home baked goodness, indulge in creamy vanilla and sparkling brown sugar, a festive treat good enough to leave for old Saint Nick.'
I love fall!  I would buy all of these if I knew I'd get through them before it was time to switch to winter/holiday scents, but since we don't burn candles as often as I melt tarts, I'll probably only buy one or two . . . if any.  How about you?  See anything you think you'll be checking out?


  1. I picked up the new Glade 20w warmer this weekend along with a couple of the tarts they had in stock. Fall Hayride is really good on cold throw. I wanted the toasted marsh, but it was sold out.
    It's really hard to find 18 and 20 watt burners so I snagged the last Glade on the shelf. And for 10 bucks--not bad.

    1. Oh yeah, forgot to mention I finally saw the Glade warmers. There were two left on the shelf. They were both blue-gray color. Is that what yours is?

      I'm pretty sure my sister got me a Fall Hayride candle. She had sent me a text a couple weeks ago saying I needed to get it, but at that time they weren't out yet here. (She's out of state.) I think she said she got me one.

      I really want to get the pumpkin candle but I'll have so many pumpkin scented tarts...I always go overboard on fall scents. lol


    2. Yep, that's the one. I've just completed taking pictures of mine for tomorrow's blog post. Used it twice, so far so good.

      I think you'll be pleased with Fall Hayride. I just opened it and sniffed again -- love it. Can't bring myself to melt it yet though.

  2. Apparently there is also a Salted Caramel scent. I've seen it online now, but not in my store.


  3. I bought the Toasted Marshmallow today! AND I happened to buy the Falling Leaves and Cranberry Cider Febreze sprays, lol, so it was funny seeing them mentioned here :) Yep, I got you a Fall Hayride candle. I'll bring it this weekend. Remember, I said it was in the cart and I was too lazy to put it back? Heehee :)

    1. I've been so frazzled the last couple weeks that I haven't even bothered to look at what other fall goodies might be out now. I know Walmart has not shifted to their full fall mode yet so I haven't really checked any BH&G/Scentsationals tarts there. I did see a couple fall-ish scents in the normal tarts section though, so I know the time is close. Once things settle down after this weekend I'll be in Fall Smelly Stuff Mode for sure!