Sunday, August 18, 2013

Read - Mystic

by Alyson Noel
305 pages

Daire Santos barely surrived her last encounter with Cade Richter.  Now she's forced to do the unthinkable . . . save his life.

When a mad prophet and his beautiful daughter arrive in Enchantment determined to destroy all the Richters by the end of the week, Daire knows she has to stop them.  Cade and her beloved Dace are so deeply connected that if one dies, the other will follow.

But Dace has been missing for days, and is soul is in danger.

Relying on the help of her friends, a Mystic with dubious motives, and powers she can't always trust, Daire sets out to find Dace, restore his sould and end this deadly new threat before the final countdown begins -- all while keeping the Richters from claiming total world domination.  But will it prove enough to win the most important fight of her life?


This is the third book in Alyson Noel's Soul Seekers series.  The first is still my favorite so far but this one was better than the second.  I'm very curious to see how everything unfolds and then wraps up in the fourth and final book, because some curious little tidbits were tossed out there for us in this one.

This book has Daire returning from the Upperworld, and shocking everyone who thought she was dead.  While she is confused about why she's not dead, she's more concerned with finding her boyfriend Dace.  They were torn apart from each other at the end of the second book, neither knowing the other is still alive.  Some interesting points to ponder are presented when we learn about why new character Axel did what he did, and what it might mean down the road.  I love a good discussion about fate and destiny.

Daire's grandmother, Paloma, realizes they're running out of time and takes drastic measures to try and teach Daire everything else she can.  Daire also enlists the help of her friends, who come away from a trip to the Lowerworld with some interesting abilities.  And not only do they need to find Dace, but they then discover they also need to find his soul.  Add in the threat of Phyre, the beautiful girl who used to be Dace's girlfriend and has just recently returned to town, bringing nothing but trouble with her . . . and it's almost more than Daire can handle.

Once again, this book keeps a quick pace, which I love.  There is not a lot of filler and fluff, not a lot of extra drama and sappy YA romance.  While there is romance, it's nicely fit in along the way, usually some stolen moments as they're racing to the deal with the next big obstacle in this adventure.  This one jumps around from different peoples perspectives again, which might be the biggest weakness.  Part of my problem with the second book was that the alternating perspectives sort of kept you at a bit of a distance, like you didn't have time to really get absorbed, and then you had to switch mindset to the other character.  It didn't seem to bother me quite as much in this one because I think we got to spend longer amounts of time with Daire, but it's still not my preferred storytelling tactic.

Overall a good book in a good series, and I'm looking forward to the finale's release in November.

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