Monday, September 30, 2013

A Glade Christmas Scent Heads Up!

 (Apologies for the slightly blurry pic.  I hadn't realized I was so rushed!)

I came across this totally unexpected find this morning.  I'd stopped at Dollar General to get something totally unrelated to wax or scented things, so I wasn't even looking for this.  I rarely go to any of the various 'dollar stores' but sometimes you can find things there you can't find other places.  This is one of those times!

As I was looking for Lysol spray and cheap toilet bleach tabs, I came across a small display in the aisle near the air freshener products.  It was for Glade's Gingerbread Jingle scent.  At first I dismissed it as them just hauling out last year's leftovers but then I thought no, they didn't have this scent last year . . . did they?!  Then I got excited that this might be the first of *this* year's scents and I grabbed one to sniff it.  Mmmm!  I made a mental note to pick this one up closer to winter.  And then, as I turned to leave, I noticed that it said on the display stand that Gingerbread Jingle is a "Dollar General Exclusive!"  Since I rarely go there and didn't know if I'd be back closer to Christmas, I went ahead and grabbed one of these candles now.  It's also on sale right now, only $2.50.  Wish I would have had my $1.00 off 2 coupon with me!

The description for Gingerbread Jingle is 'Roll up your sleeves as you decorate the jolliest of gingerbread houses, all while basking in the warm, rich scent of mocha, nutmeg, and sweet vanilla icing.'  It's deep and rich and cozy, just a hint of spice, hint of chocolate, all wrapped up in a gingerbread-coffee type scent.

So if you have any interest in this one, looks like you'll have to head over to your local Dollar General to get it.  And now I will tuck this away at the back of my little candle cupboard until after Thanksgiving.


  1. What a great random find! I love gingerbread scents. It'll make a nice change after the pumpkin deluge this fall :)

    1. This is a good one. Definitely not plain ol' gingerbread.

      Go get one!