Friday, September 27, 2013

Burned - Glade / Toasted Marshmallow

Toasted Marshmallow - Bring the ones you love even closer with the sweetly woodsy aroma of this toasted treat. 
I surprised myself when I bought this candle.  I already had the Fall Hayride scent, a gift from my sister, but I knew that these Glade candles tend to burn unevenly and have severe tunneling issues.  Also, I don't usually go for woodsy, bonfire type scents.  But, while shopping with my mom one day, I gave this one a sniff while she was taking forever looking at something else, and was completely wow-ed.  I bought it without another thought.  
There is no woodsy or bonfire note in this.  There is a very light 'toasted' note but mainly this is just a really sweet, creamy, warm, yummy scent.  It smells just like gooey marshmallow.  And it's strong, which marshmallow scents often are not.

We have not finished this candle yet but have burned it a few times now, and are about halfway through it.  As always, there was severe tunneling right from the get-go.  We don't worry about too much anymore, just burn it a few times then help it along by pushing down the edges to eventually even it out.  Usually tunneling and having to tend a candle would be a complete turnoff for us, but we've come to know that the Glade scents are strong and carry well throughout the whole house.  And this one is no different.  I could smell this in all areas of the house on a very pleasant level, easily noticeable but never overwhelming.

Even with Glade's tunneling issues, I'm becoming a fan of these 4 oz., very affordable candles!

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