Friday, September 20, 2013

Haul - BH&G Fall 2013 Tarts

Finally!  My Walmart FINALLY got the Better Homes & Gardens fall tarts in!  Most of what I saw are returning scents from last year, which isn't a bad thing because there were some darn good scents.  A few from last year are missing, but there are a few new ones to take their place.  I only got eight, but I'll run through a quick list of what's available.

Returning from last year
  • Spicy Sugared Cinnamon
  • Warm Crackling Campfire
  • Spiced Pumpkin Pie
  • Fragrant Evergreen Forest
  • Simmering Apple Cider
  • Warm Autumn Welcome
  • Sugared Vanilla Shortbread
  • Candied Caramel Pecan
  • Warm Baking Spice
  • Ginger Spice Cake
  • A Thankful Harvest
  • Sparkling Cranberry Zest
  • Juicy Blackberry Currant
  • Cinnamon & Spice
  • Spiced Apple Citrus
  • **Candied Mulberry Spice - **this might be last year's Mulberry Plum Spice with a new name
  • **Warm Autumn Memories - **might be last year's Crisp Fall Leaves with a new name
New this year
  • Cafe Almond Biscotti
  • Harvest Berry Preserves
  • Country Fall Festival
  • Fresh Pumpkin Rolls
  • Honey Crisp Apple
  • Glazed Cranberry Pumpkin
  • Orange Spice Tea
  • Frosted Sage Leaf
  • Warm Hazelnut Toddy
Missing from last year
  • Country Kettle Corn  (See Update #2 below.)
  • Gooey Marshmallow S'mores  (See Update #2 below.)
  • Mountain Cabin Escape
  • Candied Caramel Apple - I'm really disappointed this was not there.  It's the BEST caramel apple scent I've come across so far.
*** UPDATE ***
When I was in the store again the next week I noticed some fall type scents mixed into the 'regular' section.  These included . . .
  • Cranberry Mandarin Splash
  • Baked Apple Strudel
  • Spiced Apple & Clove
  • Mulberry Plum Spice (So I guess this is not renamed as Candied Mulberry Spice, as mentioned above.)

*** UPDATE #2 ***
Shopping this week, I noticed they had moved the fall scents out to a front aisle display, and that there were a few more scents, including . . . 
  • Pear Berry Brandy
  • Country Kettle Corn
  • Gooey Marshmallow S'mores

So what did I get?  Well, I pretty much grabbed all the pumpkin scents without even thinking about it.  A few of the new ones I am super excited about.  And there are a few I might grab later if they're still around.  But for now, let me show you what jumped into my cart today.

Fresh Pumpkin Rolls - I was so excited when I saw this one and I don't even know why.  Maybe because it's new and looks yummy?  There is a nice pumpkin note in here but it's much more of a sweet and creamy bakery pumpkin scent than the usual spice or pie type scents.

Glazed Cranberry Pumpkin - Whaaat?  Cranberry AND pumpkin?  My fall scent problems are apparently solved!  Cranberry is the stronger note.  If you didn't know any better you'd probably just think this is a regular spiced cranberry scent.  And that's alright with me!  But lurking deep down in there is a warmth that must be the pumpkin.  I'm hoping that will come out more once it's melted.  But even if it doesn't, this is an awesome tart cranberry scent that's light on the spice.

Warm Hazelnut Toddy - This was another of the new ones I was excited about.  I'm not sure what's all in a toddy . . . I see a lemon in the picture on the label . . . but omg do I love me some hazelnut scent.  There is no alcohol note to this.  It's just a very deep, rich, warm, almost creamy hazelnut scent.  I need to grab about 40 more packs of this one.

Country Fall Festival - This one seems familiar to me but it's not on last year's list and I don't know what it would be from last year with a new name.  Contrary to what the picture shows, it's a surprisingly warm, almost bakery type scent.  Seems like there is a sort of baked bread note, but it's probably a pumpkin note of some sort.  In a very weird way, this one reminds me slightly of . . . meat.  LOL!!!!  I don't know why!  It's not a gross or bad scent, so I don't know where *meat* comes from.  Don't let that scare you away from this one.

Spiced Pumpkin Pie - This one was around last year and I remember it was probably my least favorite out of the pumpkin scents.  I just grabbed it anyway today.  It's a typical pumpkin pie scent, lightly spiced, with a hint of crust.

A Thankful Harvest - I think this was my favorite from last year.  The pumpkins all kinda blur together in my mind.  This one is more of a plain pumpkin scent, not spiced, and no bakery notes from pie crust.  I know people loved an old Bath & Body Works candle called Pumpkin Patch or something, and said it was more of a fresh, plain pumpkin scent.  I always wonder if this is similar.

Warm Autumn Welcome - This was another favorite last year.  It's more of a spiced pumpkin scent, but still without the bakery notes from pie crust.  It's not heavily spiced either.  Very nice scent.

Warm Autumn Memories - I wonder if this is the same as Crisp Fall Leaves from last year.  This is an outdoorsy scent, almost cologne-y.  There is a hint of sweetness, and a hint of spice, and I'm not sure if that's pine that I'm smelling . . . ?  It's a nice change from the warm and heavy pumpkin scents.

And now, just like last year, I find I have a TON of tarts in fall scents.  I just can't seem to control myself when it comes to freakin' fall scents!  I'm done ordering anything pumpkin, apple, cranberry, or fall type, but I might still grab more of these BH&G tarts if any of them interest me when I'm back in the store.  In fact, I know I'd wanted to try the Cafe Almond Biscotti one but forgot to grab it after writing all the names down in my scribbly little list.

Do you see any potential favorites that you must have?  Which ones??  And if you see any that I don't have listed here, please let me know!

Happy Fall Melting!


  1. I really like how you did the pictures.

    Honey Crisp Apple and Orange Spice Tea really intrigue me just from the names. Also, Frosted Sage Leaf. Love the smell of sage.

    I'm sitting here wanting the pumpkin rolls one too and I think it is just from the picture. Lol! And the hazelnut toddy one sounds interesting. I wouldn't have put hazelnut and toddy together (I tend to think of orange with a toddy, though I don't know why). But I'm crazy about hazelnut too. You need to start drinking hazelnut coffee. What's wrong with you? ;p

  2. I *want* to be a coffee drinker. I *want* to be a tea drinker. But I just can't do it. I've tried on multiple occasions and I just can't do it. Part of it is that I refuse to sweeten it to the point I can drown out the coffee or tea taste, because to me it's like what's the point then? Maybe I need to give up on that and just sweeten the heck out of it. Kurth says go ahead and do it that way, then gradually decrease as I get used to it.

    Maybe I should try AGAIN.


  3. No, I know, I was just giving you a hard time. Everyone's taste buds are different--maybe you're more sensitive to bitter.

    1. "...more sensitive to bitter."
      Because I'm so damn sweet.


  4. Ah! Meat?! I will have to sniff country fall festival next time I'm in walmart. I am looking forward to reading your reviews of these!

    1. LOL - It will forever be known as the meat tart.


  5. This post is going to get a thousand hits and 920 of them will be me using this as an awesome reference!

    I want every single one. Thank you so much for posting this..I'm giddy with excitement to get my own.

    As of last night, our walmart didn't have any :(

    I just saw the candied caramel apple a few months ago (I LOVED it). I wonder if there's any chance they're putting into their regular rotation. Possible that mine was just left over..sad.

    1. I did see a few stray Candied Caramel Apple many weeks ago but held off buying any because I was waiting for the fall release in general. I wonder know if they are around the corner *visualizing my store* in the regular scents section. Hmm, I will look when I go shopping again.

      That is THE best caramel apple scent I've had so far.


  6. I found Crisp Fall Leaves at my Walmart yesterday. I believe (don't quote me) that I saw Candied Caramel Apple. I will check the next time I am there and double check.

    1. Back in July or early August my store had a bunch of random old scents in a clearance bin. Looked like they had found oddball things left laying around the back of the storeroom or something because some had labels half peeled off, etc. Anyway, in there I had seen a Crisp Fall Leaves but it looked obviously like it was from last year.

      I need to check my store's regular scents section again because it seems like I saw Candied Caramel Apple in there many weeks ago.

      Thanks for letting me know!


    2. I was there today and I did see Candied Caramel Apple. I hope yours has it too.

    3. Cool. I looked through both sections at my store and couldn't find any. I did find a couple other fall-type scents mixed into the regular section though. I've added an update to the original post.


  7. I'm not sure about other stores but both of my Walmarts had Candied Caramel Apple. Frosted Sage Leaf must be popular because they were sold out.

    1. I'm glad to hear everyone saying Candied Caramel Apple is still out there. I need to check my store again and grab some if I find them. That is THE best caramel apple scent I've come across in all my years of tart melting.


  8. I've added a couple of updates to the original post as I've come across more scents at my store . . . if anyone is interested.