Friday, September 6, 2013

Haul - Sugar Sugar Scrubs

I've fallen out of my handmade bath and body products phase for quite some time now.  It was only about a week or so ago that I decided to finally use up an tube of commercial brand sugar scrub, and decided that I love scrubs again.  Then while cleaning out my email inbox I came across a newsletter from Sugar Sugar Scrubs, announcing her fall scents and a sale.  Well that sale had expired (Figures!) but I decided to check her shop anyway.  I first ordered from this vendor last fall when I was hunting for a Christmas scented body lotion.  When I was looking this time I found that she has an Etsy shop AND a Craft Cafe shop.  Owner Lindsey said she preferred the Craft Cafe shop for her business and since there was a coupon code for 10% off there, that's where I ordered from.

What did I get????

Since I was after fall scents, of course I had to get Pumpkin Pie.  There is no scent description on the site but it smells super yummy.  It's strong on the pumpkin, light on the spice, with some sweet creaminess.  I know people don't always like to smell like food but if I think it's fun when it's seasonal.  If I find the scent lingers too strong and long, I'll just use it on my days off when no one else has to smell me.

This is her whipped sugar scrub, which I think she calls a Sugar Whip.  I have not tried her scrubs yet so I can't say how they perform but just looking at it, and running some between my fingers, it's not very sugar granule-y.  This concerns me since I was after something exfoliating.   Guess we'll find out.  I know she has the other style of sugar scrub, the type that's more just sugar and oils.  If this isn't what I wanted maybe I'll try that other kind next time.

A 4 oz. jar of Sugar Whip costs $7.50.

I also got a Whipped Soap Parfait in the Pumpkin Pie scent.  I thought this would be a fun little treat, sort of in between the body wash that I've been lazy and gone back to, and the bar soaps that I used to love so much.

A 4 oz. jar of Whipped Soap Parfait is $7.50.

When I saw this Sweet Vanilla Chai scent I knew I had to have it.  This smells SOOOOO friggen good!  It smells more like a really warm and creamy vanilla birthday cake, with only the barest hint of chai lurking way in the background, but dang who cares.  I want to scoop this out and eat it!  Again, I don't feel any sugar granules in here.  I'll probably try this one tomorrow morning.  If it turns out just working as a whipped soap, that's fine too I guess.

And I got a jar of the Whipped Soap Parfait in Sweet Vanilla Chai scent too.

She also has coffee scrubs in her shop.  This one intrigued me.  I'm a little leery because when I used coffee in my soaps I made, the grains were often on the sharp side.  This is completely all-natural though, no preservatives of any kind, and it just interests me.  This can be used as a body scrub or even just keep in the kitchen and use it on your hands to remove cooking smells like garlic, onions, etc.  I'm going to go ahead and try it as a body scrub even though I'm afraid the coffee will be harsh.  I only got the small jar, for that very reason.

A 2 oz. jar of Coffee Sugar Scrub costs $5.00.

Shipping was very fast.  I ordered on Monday night and received my package in Thursday morning's mail.  She also refunds any shipping over-charges of $1.00 or more.

So we'll give these a go and see what I think.  What do YOU think?  Have you ever tried this vendor?


  1. The coffee scrub in the kitchen to get rid of cooking smells sounds like a great idea. I love the packaging on these.

    I'm not a fan of chai as a scent but the sweet vanilla chai sounds like it's one to try.

    1. I love a good chai scent but they're hard to find. I'm surprised more vendors don't have it. I'll have to start a campaign to get the big vendors to add it!

      I used to make 'kitchen' soaps that had coffee and coffee grounds in it. They're also known as gardener soaps because the coffee grounds are so scrubby on really dirty hands. I've been meaning to make another batch of it, even have a fragrance oil called Kitchen Spice waiting here for it.