Monday, September 2, 2013

Melted - Kissing Booth / Candy Apple

Candy Apple - True, sugar-coated granny smith apple.
I've never ordered from Kissing Both, and am not at all familiar with the company, but I got this tart in a swap box nearly a year ago and it's been sitting in my 'leftovers from last fall/winter' basket just waiting for this fall to roll around.  Although *technically* not fall until later this month, I allow myself to start fall-mode on September first.  I will start melting apple scents, and things that aren't pumpkin or cranberry.  And this poor little guy was jumping at me to be first.
This was a nice scent to kick off fall.  Definitely apple but very sweet from the sugar.  I wonder if there is more to the scent than the description implies.  This is almost perfumey.  I wonder if it's actually a dupe for B&BW Winter Candy Apple?  I know that has a lot more than just sugar and apple.  Whatever is in here, it's nice and bright and sweet.

I melted this year old 1 oz. tart in my faithful ol' tea light warmer and was blown away by how strong it was.  After all my recent frustrations with another vendor's tarts, and my experimenting with my first electric warmer, I was soooo happy to have such great results with this one.  This was strong throughout the whole downstairs of the house and even quite noticeable upstairs.  There was easily enough scent after one tea light burn (4 hours) to get at least another melt out of this one.

I was so impressed with this one little tart that I checked out the Kissing Booth website.  I don't see single tarts there though, only clamshells.  Maybe this was a freebie sample?  Not sure, but now I'm curious what others think of this company.  If you've had Kissing Booth tarts, what did you think of them??


  1. This sounds like a nice scent, I think it is a dupe for the B&BW scent, especially if it's perfumey!

    1. It was quite nice. Just one more thing that makes me want to go to B&BW. LOL


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