Sunday, September 15, 2013

Melted - Rosegirls / Snow White's Honeycrisp Apple

Snow White's Honeycrisp Apple - 'Crisp and juicy apple, sweet pea, and orange blossom.'

I received this as a gift and since it was an apple scent, and we're in the early stages of fall, it was perfect to melt now.  This is a *pretty* apple scent, more than a juicy, fruity apple scent.  It could almost be perfume-y.  There is definitely an apple note, but the other notes add a brightness, a cheeriness.  It's not like a spiced apple fall type scent.

This chunk weighed 1.3 oz. so I just melted the whole dang thing in my tea light warmer.  It was a soft-medium scent, very much an air freshening 'background' scent.  This probably would not bother people who are sensitive to scents (uh, my mom).  I like my scents to be much stronger but since this was almost perfume-y, I'm glad this was lighter.


  1. Some of RG scents are on the lighter side while others are strong. It's weird! I have been on an appley kick lately, maybe with fall impending! Hope the other perform better for you!

    1. All vendors have stronger and weaker scents. Nothing weird about that. Now, if everything from a vendor was weak I'd not bother with them. But I know Rosegirls can be strong because one I had a while ago was STRONG. :)