Sunday, September 29, 2013

Melted - Sea Breeze Scents & Things / Fall Festival

Fall Festival - A Sea Breeze customer blend! Mixture of pumpkin, maple, and some secrets!
This is a really yummy fall scent.  I wish I knew what those 'secrets' in the description were!  The pumpkin is there but it wouldn't strike you as a pumpkin scent.  The maple is there but it doesn't scream 'Pancake syrup!'  Together, with whatever else is in this, it becomes a deep, rich, sweet but warm and cozy type scents.  I guess it kinda makes me think of pumpkin pie but without the spice, and makes me think about when I was a kid and my mom was making the pies for Thanksgiving.  The more I smelled this, the more I thought there might even be hint of crust in it, and that made me wonder if it was a graham cracker crust I was possibly picking up on, and THAT made me wonder if Pumpkin Cheesecake is one of the scents used to blend this.  Whatever it is, it's nice.
I melted this .7 oz. tart in my tea light warmer and had a medium scent and throw.  This seems to be the norm for Sea Breeze Scents & Things.  The scents are awesome, but for my big rooms and my tastes, I wish these were stronger.  I could smell this easily in area of my warmer but still not strong enough for me, and slightly lighter in adjacent rooms.  People with smaller rooms or who like lighter scents would probably love Sea Breeze Scents & Things.  (She's closed to tart orders at the moment due to some family matters.)

Again, another great scent, just wish it was stronger.


  1. Interesting blend, pumpkin and maple! Warm and cozy sounds nice....ahhh, I cannot WAIT for fall weather to come here! Maple pumpkin bars sounds so good, and this tart you just melted may have given me my inspiration to make them. ;)

    1. Last year, Glade had a really yummy Maple Pumpkin scent in their fall line. We had the candle version. Burned like crap but smelled awesome.