Saturday, September 28, 2013

Tried - Sugar Sugar Scrubs / Coffee Scrub

Coffee Body Scrub - ' . . . actual ground coffee with a hint of vanilla & topped with cinnamon!'
When I placed my recent order with Sugar Sugar Scrubs for some whipped soaps and whipped sugar scrubs, I decided to go ahead and try her coffee scrub too.  I got the small 2 oz. size because I just wasn't sure how I'd like it.  I know from my own soap making days that coffee grounds can be quite harsh on the skin.
Well, I tried this and immediately hated it.  The coffee was not as harsh as I feared it might be, but it was messy from the moment I tried to use it.  This is a very dry scrub, not nearly the amount of oils or moisture in the mix as with most scrubs.  I have had this more dry type of sugar scrub before from another vendor and did not like it.  As soon as I tried to spread this around on my arm I had coffee grounds falling all over the tub, and my arm was turning a dark brown.  I soldiered on, working it across my skin like it was any other scrub, but I already knew I did not like this and would not be using it again.  I slopped some on my other arm just to feel even, and added to the brown mess everywhere.  Quickly giving up, I went to rinse it off and found little coffee grounds specks sticking to me and found I had to put extra effort into rinsing/pushing these off my skin.  The water was brown, splashes of brown dripped down the shower wall and curtain, and the grounds quickly clogged the little drain screen.  Ohhhh, it was not fun.

I want to be very clear on something . . . I am not saying this particular vendor's product was horrible.  I have not ever tried a coffee scrub so I did not know what to expect.  What I'm saying in this review is that I don't think coffee scrubs are something for me.  If you are a coffee scrub fan, maybe you'd find this vendor's product lovely.

I briefly considered letting hubby use the remainder of this as a hand scrub.  He is a machinist and his hands get pretty darn black and grimy from work.  The scrubby factor in this scrub would probably cut right through that for him.  But then I started wondering if the coffee grounds would eventually clog the sink drain.  I decided to just dump the remainder into the garbage.  I did save the little jar though, as I often do.  I like to reuse them to put smaller amounts of favorite lotions into so I can take them to work or have it sit on my desk.

Overall, I have learned that coffee scrubs are NOT for me.  I will stick with sugar, thank you.

Have YOU ever tried them?  What did you think?

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