Saturday, September 7, 2013

Used - Sugar Sugar Scrubs / Sweet Vanilla Chai Scrub

I very recently fall back in love with sugar scrubs as I was trying to use up some old products I had sitting around.  I went back to a vendor called Sugar Sugar Scrubs that  I'd ordered a nice lotion from last fall, and ordered some of her whipped scrubs and whipped soaps.  As soon as I received my order and had a look at the scrub, I was a little leery.  It didn't look sugary at all.

I went ahead and tried so-called scrub this morning in the shower and sadly, it's just as I feared.  It is not a scrub at all.  There is nothing exfoliating in it.  If there was sugar at some point it has dissolved to become part of the cream.  I figured that at least it might still foam up a bit and work like a whipped soap but nope.  I'm really not sure what this is supposed to be, or do.  I slathered it on like I would a sugar scrub, and got a sort of thin creamy lotion spreading on my skin.  It didn't absorb like lotion, it didn't lather up like soap, and it didn't exfoliate.  I guess I was just spreading some fantastic smelling moisturizing cream on my skin.

And then I washed it off with my regular body wash.

This was a complete bummer.  It did leave a light scent on my skin but in the end what I thought I could write off as moisturizing wasn't even that.  Not sure what I'll do with this . . . or the other jar I have in another scent.  *sigh*


  1. "It is not a scrub at all. There is nothing exfoliating in it. If there was sugar at some point it has dissolved to become part of the cream. "

    What a bummer! I hope you like Shannon's scrubs, they are really nice, even if the scent doesn't last too terribly long. I was hoping you'd have good luck with this, especially since the scent sounds amazing. :/

    1. I have to wait for the next Bathing Garden restock to get a scrub. I didn't get any this last time.

      I'd like to get more from Petals Bath Boutique but she doesn't always have them....and doesn't have them at the moment.

      I did find a couple others on Etsy I'd like to try.