Friday, September 6, 2013

Watched - Suits (Seasons 1 & 2)

As with most things, I"m late coming to this show.  It's almost done with it's third season and I've only just recently started watching.  Doh!  I've been aware of it for a while, have wanted to watch it for a while, but it's only now finally that I'm doing it . . . and I'm obsessed.  Well, the obsession started with actor Gabriel Macht.  Ya see, hubby and I watch NCIS reruns on USA channel all the time, and it's during those reruns that we see commercials for Suits.  Something about 'the older of the two guys' always intrigued me.  Eventually I narrowed it down to his eyes, and the sort of intense manner he has in the clips we'd see in commercials.  I knew absolutely nothing about Gabriel Macht at that point so I checked him out on to see if I might know him from anything else.  Nope.  But I was sucked in even more.  The guy is swoon-worthy.  (And he was asked to audition for the Batman spot that Ben Affleck got.)

We finally got a dvr a few months ago and I realized this would be my chance to watch the show.  I managed to get the pilot episode recorded and sat down to watch it one day . . . and just couldn't get into it.  Bummer!  But Gabriel Macht stuck in my head.  And I'd still feel drawn to the show when I'd see the damn commercials.  So, damnit, a few weeks ago I watched the damn show, the current third season episode, and this time I stuck with it.  And was hooked.  The next day I bought the first and second season dvds, and hubby and I started watching that night.  We only got a couple episodes in that first night, but we marathoned through the rest of the first season that weekend, and then continued right into the second season.  We had both seasons done within a week or so.

This is my new favorite show, and Harvey Specter (more than Gabriel Macht) is my new obsession.  Love!!!

For those who don't know, the show is about the prestigious law firm Pearson Hardman.  Harvey Specter is one of the top lawyers there and is told he needs to hire an associate.  He doesn't want to because he's cocky and arrogant and thinks he can do it all himself.  But he has to hire someone.  Meanwhile, Mike Ross is a young guy who is struggling to get by, earning his money by taking LSATs (Law School Admission Test) for other people.  He has a photographic memory so it's easy for him to pass the test.  In the pilot episode he needs to make even more money to pay for his grandmother's stay in a nursing home so he agrees to be part of a drug delivery deal for his best friend.  Undercover cops are waiting though and while running away Mike finds himself in the interviews that Harvey is doing to find his unwanted associate.  Long story short, Mike is hired, even though he has no law degree and never even went to law school.

*** SPOILERS!!!!!! ***

Harvey Specter
 I freakin' love Harvey.  In the first season, as I was just getting to know the show, Harvey was always so arrogant and bossy, always perfectly dressed in his way too expensive suits.  He always told Mike (his new associate) that he doesn't have time for emotion, there's no point in caring or getting involved because that doesn't win cases.  Mike would point out small things throughout the season, things that Harvey would do "because you care" but Harvey wouldn't see it that way.  He was always very private, and we just didn't know much about him.

When a drunk Mike shows up at Harvey's place one night and we first see him like this . . . casual?! . . . I was like "Woot, yeah!"  Mike calls him dude in this scene and Harvey says "Don't ever call me dude again."

Harvey's kind of a manwhore too.  One of his personal rules is that he won't sleep with married women, and we find out why later.  But whenever this girl, Dana 'Scottie' Scott comes to town, there's some banging going on.  Yep, I was cheering as the clothes came off Harvey the first time I saw it.  WOOT!

As time goes on, we learn more about Harvey and see a much more casual side more often.  He can also be quite violent, which shocked me.  I don't remember if it's the end of the first season or if it's not until the second season, but Harvey is in trouble and facing going on trial himself.  During his deposition, the obnoxious asshole of a rival lawyer that he can't stand starts saying things to try and rile him, and starts talking about how Harvey's mother was a whore who cheated on his dad for years, and Harvey punches him in the face.  That was the first time we'd seen something like from him and I was shocked.  He's had a few more fights since then and it's always kinda like, whoa, you'd never guess it coming from him.

We also see that Harvey does care about people.  His relationship with his receptionist Donna is awesome.  They slept together once in their early years but now are just best friends and coworkers.  I hope it stays that way.  One storyline has Donna doing something very wrong to try and protect him.  It backfires and when he finds out he's so emotionally torn, I just loved that scene.  She ends up getting fired but later he is determined to bring her back and at one point he says to her "I can't be me without you."  Awww, and just the way he says it.  And the scene when Donna tells Harvey that his father has died, ohhhhhmigawd.  *sniffle*  I love them together the way they are and don't want to see them become a couple.  Ever.

Harvey falls into the group of characters that I have a hard time explaining why I love them so much.  Weird as this might seem, he's in that group with Professor Snape.  There is a power about Harvey.  He might be all hard and snotty, but when someone he cares about needs him he is there.  His tactics are seemingly harsh, but there is caring behind them.  When Mike comes to work high, Harvey gets in his face and fires him.  When Mike keeps allowing his no-good friend to drag him down, Harvey is constantly telling him to cut ties, but he still comes to save them both when they need it.  When Mike's grandma dies and he doesn't want to tell anyone, Harvey secretly knows and keeps him busy in an effort to help keep Mike's mind off it until he's ready to grieve.  And when someone beats the crap out of Mike, Harvey is ready to beat the crap out of whoever it was, until Mike tells him he deserved it, that he slept with a married woman.  Then Harvey has to reel himself back in and keep from beating the crap out of Mike. 

He's arrogance also gets him into tons of trouble.  He's power hungry and is always crossing lines and going behind backs to get what he wants.  It often comes back to bite him, and sometimes I found myself getting so mad at him that I didn't like him.  Only for a moment or two though!

Mike Ross
Hubby liked Mike right away but it's only now in the third season that I'm really starting to like him.  His parents died when he was eleven years old and he was raised by his grandmother.  The whole reason he ends up working for Harvey, although it was an accident, was because he needed money to pay for the assisted living home his 'grammy' needed to be in.  His best friend is nothing but trouble for him, always trying to make big money, and always through shady dealings.  And Mike always goes along with it.  It's because of one of the friends stupid ideas that Mike loses his chance to go to Harvard.  And it's later because of his friend's jealous revenge that Mike and Harvey's secret (that Mike never went to law school) is exposed to Jessica, the boss.

Mike's photographic memory has come in handy sooooo many times for him, both in trying to keep his secret, and in his actual work.  He's been invaluable to Harvey (and the firm) because of the things he can recall.  He always uses his more humble beginnings, his street smarts to help with things.  I think his constantly making bad decisions early on is what kept me from really liking him until more recently.

Jessica Pearson
Jessica is the boss, the owner and the name behind the Pearson Hardman law firm.  I love Jessica almost as much as I love Harvey, although sometimes I really don't understand her and in those moments I don't like her.  I love her poise and elegance, and she's beautiful.  I always find myself looking at her makeup.  She is the one who gave Harvey his big break many years ago when he was working in the mailroom of the law firm, which went by a different name way back then.  He's been her #2, her go-to guy for some time now.  But still, the battles these two have, the power struggles . . . it often makes the show confusing for me.

Donna Paulsen
Took  me a while to warm up to Donna but hubby loved her immediately.  She is Harvey's all-knowing receptionist.  She is hysterical and snotty and keeps things interesting around the office.  Not much else to say about her that I didn't already cover when nattering about Harvey.

Rachel Zane
Rachel is a paralegal at the firm.  She and Mike become good friends pretty much right away and that progresses into a complicated romantic relationship.  It is her dream to be a lawyer yet she keeps holding herself back because she's afraid of failure.  Mike helps her get going on the path to become that lawyer, even if it means losing her now in the third season.  (We don't know where these two will end up yet.)  There is something unknown keeping me from loving Rachel.  I just can't figure out what it is though.

Louis Litt
Ya gotta love Louis!  He is like the comic relief on this show.  He and Harvey are constantly going at each other.  Louis is in charge of training new associates, and is a whiz in financial relates law cases, yet he's like the geeky kid no one likes and is trying to squeeze into a spot at the cool kids table.  So much of the humor on this show involves his storylines, yet some of the biggest emotions come from his storylines too.  Sometimes you just feel SO bad for him!  He's done some pretty crappy things to a lot of people, but sometimes he tries to right his wrongs and it's him probably more than Mike that helps get Rachel going on her dream to become a lawyer.

There are other recurring characters on the show too but I didn't want a three mile long post.  Although I've missed the first four episodes of this third season, I'm going ahead and watching the new episodes each week now.  Towards the end of the second season, and even in what I'm seeing in the third season, it's gotten very confusing and frustrating trying to follow all the backstabbing and power plays going on.  Most of the time I don't even know what the case is about that they're working on because there is just so much "Oh, he didn't tell you?" and someone goes running back to someone else only to get "Oh, you didn't know?" type maneuvering.  You lose track of who is really the bad guy, and what each person's motives are.  There have been two flashback episodes so far in the course of the show.  One was five years back, and the other was ten years back.  I found I don't like to know what Harvey was like back then.  (Although it was nice seeing him in jeans, playing baseball with his dad.)  I don't like seeing how many of his 'rules' and 'sayings' are stolen from his mentor of many years ago.  I do like seeing Mike's early stories though.

I'm glad I've finally watched this show and will continue to watch it.  Are YOU a Suits fan?  I'd love to hear your thoughts!

I leave you with the shows opening theme . . .


  1. Harvey Specter is hot. I need to watch this show!

    1. Harvey Specter IS hot. You DO need to watch this show!