Thursday, October 31, 2013

Haul - Avon / Candles

I got all excited recently when I saw that Avon now had Bath & Body Works type 3-wick candles.  There used to be two Avon sellers where I work but neither do it anymore, so I went ahead a placed a small order directly from the website.  I just wanted to see what these candles are like! 

Frosted Gingerbread - 'Winter spices, gingerbread and vanilla icing create a holiday treat.'
This small candle was sort of an afterthought purchase.  There was a special going, free shipping on orders over $10, and my main candle purchase was $9.99 so I just wanted something small to bump the total over $10.  This little candle was on sale for 50%.  The one review on the site said this candle is a ripoff because it's way too small for the price.  Since I was only paying half price, I wasn't to concerned, but once I saw it when the package got here . . . yeah, it's small for the money.  It's pretty much just a votive candle in a nice holder.  I paid $4.99.  It is a nice holder though!  It's a 'frosted' finish, golden brown on the outside, silver on the inside.  I don't know if it 'glows' as the candle burns.  Hope so.
Anyway, the scent is pretty nice but on the lighter side on cold sniff.  It's a softly spiced, warm and cozy gingerbread scent, on the sweeter side, more like cookies than regular gingerbread.

Peppermint Twist - 'Peppermint sweetened with fluffy marshmallow and vanilla.' 
I'd really been hoping to get one of the fall scented candles since we still have November to go through before winter we start winter scents in this house.  Most of the scents were out of stock when I placed my order though, and I ended up picking this Peppermint Twist.  I *love* vanilla mint scents!  I really thought this would be something like B&BW's Twisted Peppermint.  Now, I admit I'm not a B&BW's expert but from when I remember of Twisted Peppermint, this Avon one isn't very much like it.  Bummer!  On cold sniff the mint is very light in this.  There is a warm and creamy scent, almost like coconut (?!) that comes through first, and the mint is very softly under that.  It's still a really nice scent, just not quite what I thought it would be.  Can't wait to see what it's like warm!
The candle itself looks pretty nice.  It is a 3-wick, as you can see in the pic.  The wax looks good and clean and even, not dried up or sunken or pulled away from the edge as some 'cheap' candles tend to look.  The scent is not as strong as I would have expected, at least on cold throw.  I'm hoping it comes out strong while burning.  Fingers crosses it burns evenly and cleanly!  I'm debating whether I want to burn it now just to see how it does, or save it till December.  How will I know if I want to order more if I wait???  Decisions!

If you're curious what other scents Avon has, check my earlier post HERE.   I've noticed that what's in-stock changes quite frequently.  When I ordered, none of the fall scents were available, but when I looked just now to do this post I saw that a couple of them are now in-stock.

I placed my order late in the evening on Oct. 22, and received the package on Oct. 29.  I had been wondering if there would be any samples of things included because that's one of the things I always remember about ordering Avon from the girls at work . . . always getting a lot of samples of things.  I forgot to put in the haul picture but there was a packet of ten little perfume sample swatch thingies included with my order.  Unfortunately they are all the same perfume (Night Iris) and I'm not fond of the scent.  Oh well.

Anyway, yeah, I'm happy that I went ahead and ordered and I'm looking forward to seeing how these do, particularly the big one.

Do you think I should go ahead and test burn it???  Do you think you'll order too??


  1. YES I think you should test burn it. Free shipping over $10, that's pretty great--the lowest I've seen it offered.
    I'll order---depending on your review ;)

    1. I just lit it - LOL! I'm going to watch Paranormal Activity 4 on this Halloween evening, and let the candle burn during that time. I will report back with my findings. =)


  2. Love the frosted gingerbread holder! It's very festive looking for fall and maybe even Christmas!
    PLEASE test burn this! I am looking forward to hearing reviews on performance. Strange about the coconut, but that's actually not the first time I've heard that note being listed in a vanilla or mint candle. Looking forward to your burned review!

    1. I did a test burn the other night and just posted my thoughts about it.

      Have not burned the little one though, and won't until closer to Christmas.