Saturday, October 19, 2013

Melted - Daphne's Divine Scents / Sweet Potato & Brown Sugar

Sweet Potato & Brown Sugar - [no description available]

I had a sweet potato scent from another vendor last year and really liked it, so when I managed to catch the tail end of a rare opening of Daphne's Divine, and this was one of the few remaining scents available I went ahead and grabbed it.  On cold sniff, back when I got it, I noted there was a sort of harsh, bitter note to it that I'd hoped would go away when warmed.  Well, it didn't.  It was the same sort of plastic-y, sort of burned note that I had recently with a pumpkin scent from another vendor.  It's just a really annoying note that distracts from anything sweet or good that might be in the rest of the scent.  I've seen others describe this scent (from different vendors) as 'savory.'  One of the definitions of savory is 'spicy or salty without sweetness.'  I don't know if I'd call this savory.  I'd just call nasty because of that strong bitter, weird note.

I melted this .7 oz. pumpkin shaped tart in my tea light warmer and had a nice strong throw.  Unfortunately, I couldn't stand the scent at all and for once did not enjoy having a strong scent and throw.  Doh!

This is my only experience with Daphne's Divine Scents.  I don't fault the vendor for this scent, but since this is one of those vendors that is closed more than it's open, I doubt I'll be any rush to try ordering something else.  And the remaining tarts in the multi-pack that I got will probably be going into the garbage because I have not seen anyone yet who likes it.


  1. She's reopening on the 28th, I believe...*stalk with me, Deb, stalk with know you secretly want to...*

    Also, what is UP with the plasticy pumpkin tarts?! Are these vendors burning toys and souls and pouring them into molds or are they makin' wax, here?!

    1. I am off that day. Hmm. But I might have to resist that urge because I'm feeling uncomfortable with the size of my stash again.

      Although. I might have a little looksie if there are some winter scents . . .