Thursday, October 10, 2013

Melted - Sea Breeze Scents & Things / Pumpkin & Vanilla

Pumpkin & Vanilla - An amazing pumpkin scent without all the spice. LOVE this one!
This is a fabulous scent.  It's a warm, yummy pumpkin scent with only the lightest hints of spice, but then it's made sort of soft and creamy from the vanilla.  Soooo good!  Unfortunately, it's also light.
I melted one of these 1 oz. daisy tarts in my tea light warmer and had only a light scent but a strong throw.  I could actually smell this a bit more upstairs than in the actual room the warmer is in.  I've come to accept that Sea Breeze tarts are just too light for me.  I like strong scents, and I have fairly large rooms.  These are still really nice tarts, but I think they would do much better in smaller rooms or small apartments.  Maybe in a bathroom?  Bummer, because I was really liking this vendor.


  1. This sounds lovely, bummer about the throw. Butterfly Lane makes a delicious vanilla pumpkin with no crust note that reminds me of the description for this one. Sad about Sea Breeze, too, I know you wanted to like them and gave them many, many tries.

    1. I really did want to love that vendor. And everything was very nice, just too light for me. If I had warmers in the bathroom or bedroom, I'd probably keep buying from Sea Breeze.