Friday, October 4, 2013

Melted - Sweet Fixations / Cranberry Cobbler

Cranberry Cobbler- Sweet and sour red cranberries baked in sugar and lightly browned pie crust.
I received this as a freebie in one of my orders either late last year or early this year.  Whenever it was, I've been hanging on to it and now that fall has rolled around, I've finally melted it.  I should have waited till closer to Thanksgiving though, because I'm finding that cranberry scents seem to trigger holiday feelings more than pumpkin scents do.  Or maybe it's just because I haven't really dived into my pumpkin scents yet.
Anyhoo, this is a gorgeous, yummy scent.  It's more of a cranberry scent than any sort of cobbler scent.  I did get hints of a buttery, bakery note every now and then but the main scent was cranberry, both tart and sweet.  There isn't any spice in this, so it's more of a 'bright' cranberry scent, instead of something warmer.

I melted this entire 1 oz. tart in my tea light warmer and had a wonderful medium-strong scent.  If it would have been any stronger I think it would have been a bit overpowering because of the tartness, but at a lighter side of heavy strength it was near perfect.

I will have to remember this for next fall because it really was surprisingly awesome.


  1. This sounds yummy. I agree, for me cranberry is definitely the harbringer of the season. I have been full tilt pumpkin around here but it hasn't set the mood like i thought it would. I know cranberry will so i am saving them. Good to hear another good cranberry!

  2. I had another one of these but I think I shared it with someone. Bummer! I wasn't expecting to like it so much.

    I've been melting some pumpkin scents now that my apples scents are gone. :)