Sunday, October 27, 2013

Melted - Sweet Fixations / Pumpkin Souffle

Pumpkin Souffle- Butter, sugar, spices, vanilla cream and pumpkin.
I had this scent last year and loved it so much I knew it would be a Must Have for this year.  It's such a warm and cozy, comforting fall bakery scent.  Strong on pumpkin, there is also a lot of rich creaminess.  This is *not* a fresh, outdoorsy pumpkin patch type scent at all.  There is a slightly salty note, probably from the butter.  I can possibly see some pickier noses cringing at that because it could almost be considered the dreaded corn chip/zucchini scent, but it's not enough that I noticed it in general, only when doing Detailed Sniff Analysis for this post.  *chuckles*
I melted half of this tart (about .7 oz worth) in my tea light warmer and had a beautifully strong scent and throw.  The whole darn house had this Thanksgiving baking type scent but it was never overpowering.  And there was plenty of scent left after one four hour tea light burn.  

There are tons of pumpkin scents out there at this time of year but I think this is one I will always come back to, as long as Sweet Fixations keeps it in stock.

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