Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Melted - Sweet Fixations / Pumpkin Marshmallow

Pumpkin Marshmallow - (SF Blend)- Pumpkin and spices combine with toasted marshmallow.

I don't know what happened with this one.  On cold sniff it seemed pretty nice.  In my haul post I said that this was creamy and heavier on the marshmallow.  Warmed though, this was just gross.  There was a weird, almost bitter, sort of plastic-y note that just overpowered anything good that might have been fighting to come through.  Lauren (LoloLovesScents) thought it might have been the nutmeg in the 'spices' part of the mix.  I just went and sniffed the little bottle of ground nutmeg I have in my cupboard and nope, the odd note did not smell like that.  I think it's coming from the 'toasted marshmallow' part.  Bleah.

I melted half of this tart (.7 oz. worth) in my tea light warmer and had a nice strong scent.  Too bad I pretty much hated that scent though.  

This really makes me long for Front Porch's super delicious marshmallow scents now!


  1. You're right, toasted marshmallow is definitely kind of plasticy sometimes. Maybe check other weird spices, like cheap clove or cheap cardamom.

    Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, FP's marshmallow is the greatest!

    1. I often check for FP's Mrs. Claus Cookies but haven't seen it in grubby tarts yet. I might have to sneak an order once I see it in stock.


    2. Everyone we know should go request it this weekend on her FB group!! SOLIDARITY!!!

    3. I've stopped looking. Has it been there yet? I'm done buying fall scents and now starting to get winter scents, although I have to rein myself in because my stash is getting too big again. I'm at that uncomfortable stage.