Friday, October 25, 2013

Random Waxy News

I've come across some retail brand wax gems over the past couple weeks but just have not had a chance to get them posted until now.  I think I did mention somewhere that I saw the first couple Glade winter scents.  Was that in a daily Natters post?  I don't remember.  But there is a pine scent and the Pure Vanilla Joy scent has been given a new festive winter packaging design.

Since then I have come across Merry Maple Morning, which is in a festive yellowish tan package. I've only seen this in the oil refills so far, kinda randomly placed on the shelf at Walmart.  And then today I saw Apple Cinnamon Cheer room spray in holiday design red packaging.

Someone left a comment on an old Febreze tarts post here on the blog, saying she'd seen three Christmas scents in the Febreze wax melts: Frosted Sugar Cookie, a pine one, and a cinnamon one.  She is in Canada.  I looked at my Walmart's selection and did not see anything seasonal, either fall or winter.  Bummer!  I'm going to keep an eye on them though.

And finally, when we were on our way to Minnesota we stopped at a Walmart just before the Wisconsin border and of course I had to check their tarts section.  I was thrilled (and disappointed) to see they had a much larger selection of fall scents AND they had a lot of Scentsationals in addition to the Better Homes & Gardens tarts.  The ones I saw there that I don't think have been mentioned yet are . . .
  • Farm Apple Pumpkin
  • Clear Autumn Sky
  • Sugared Pecan Pumpkin (Was tempted to buy this but had so many pumpkin scents already.)
  • Pinecones & Birch
  • No Place Like Home
  • Fireside
  • Apple Bobbin'

The only one I did buy at that nearly-Minnesota Walmart was this Spiced Cranberries.  Yay, Spiced Cranberries!!!  This is the tart, slightly sweet but spicy kind of cranberry scent that I love.  Oh, this is good.

Have YOU come across any new fall scents?  Have you seen any winter scents showing up yet near you?


  1. I need to look for the Spiced Cranberries! That sounds lovely.

    1. I should have grabbed more. It's fun to order from all the different vendors but a lot of time I just want to grab what's at the store because it's convenient and I can smell before I buy. If I'd had more patience in waiting for Walmart to get their fall scents in stock, I probably wouldn't have ordered much of anything else.


  2. Spiced Cranberries, oooooooooooooooh! Love that combo! Pure Vanilla Joy may be good, but might be sort of basic. Looking for these now!

    1. I still have half a pack of Pure Vanilla Joy from back with Glade tarts first came out. Basic or not, it's darn good. I might mix a cube with some BH&G peppermint this Christmas and see how it goes.