Friday, November 1, 2013

Febreze 2013 Winter Scents!

I haven't tried many of the Febreze candles, but the one or two I've had have been awesome in strength and performance.  (I'm talking about the 'cleaning aisle candles,' not the newer 'real' ones they have.)  Since we've been getting more into candles this fall, and tend to burn more candles through the Christmas season anyway, I was super excited to see a big display of the new winter scents at Walmart yesterday.

(Pics and scent descriptions from the Febreze website.)

Glistening Pine - 'Embrace the wintry spirit of crisp mountain air as it collides with the clean scent of pine.'


Cranberry Cider - 'Delight your senses with the wintry zest of cranberry mingled with warm, fragrant spices.'


Winter Frost - 'Choruses of fresh and woody fragrances harmonize, inspiring hearts to skip a beat from love and good cheer.'


Fluffy Vanilla - 'Cuddle up with this fresh take on vanilla. Sweet cream with just a touch of fruit carries you to corners of comfort.'


I have not seen these in their wax melts, only in the candles and room sprays and things Febreze has.  These candles are 5.5 oz. and sell for $4.97, but I was sooooo excited to see they now have little mini versions of these winter scents!  In my giddiness, I forgot to jot down how many ounces they were (2 or 3 oz. maybe?) but the little ones sell for $2.97 each.  I'm going to get one of each.  Hopefully I can find a coupon for them somewhere.

Have you seen these Febreze winter scents?  Will you be trying any of them??


  1. I'm admittedly less excited about these as I am for the glade candles but the mini candles….what? Yes, of course I'll try them. Just have to hunt them down.

    PS…LOVE this and the last two posts. Great info!

    1. I've found these Febreze candles actually burn better than the Glade ones but yeah, when I saw those minis I knew I had to have them.

      At my Walmart, there is a big center/main aisle kiosk of all the Febreze winter scent products. That's where I saw the minis, not over in the regular cleaning products aisle.


    2. Oh, and thank you for loving these types of posts. I've been moping about my blogging again lately.