Friday, November 1, 2013

Glade 2013 Winter Scents!

The full line of Glade 2013 winter scents is out now!  I'd been seeing the odd scent/item popping up over the past couple weeks but yesterday I saw full displays of the entire line and I was more excited about this than I was about discovering the Better Homes & Gardens winter tarts this morning!  What's happening to me?!  I think because hubby and I were so impressed with the three fall scent candles we had, I'm more than willing to dive into the winter scents now.

So let's see what they have!

(Pics and scent descriptions from the Glade website.)

Sparkling Spruce - 'The crisp fragrance of fresh-cut pine needles, eucalyptus and fir join hints of lavender, cedar and fir for a scent as magical as a thousand twinkling lights.'
  • green pine needle
  • green pine needle, spruce, eucalyptus, lavender, cedar leaf, fir blossom
  • fir balsam, cypress, cedar, patchouli  

Apple Cinnamon Cheer - 'Nothing warms the soul quite like the inviting scent of hot apple cider, vanilla and cream. Add a hint of nutmeg and clove for a fragrance with just the right amount of holiday spirit.'
  • apple cider, mixed fruits, berries
  • nutmeg, cinnamon, clove
  • vanilla, cream, woods

Frosted Berry Kiss - 'Holiday cheer is in the air as hints of cranberry and blackberry join notes of peppermint and pine. The warming scent of white cocoa is the perfect addition to the party, like the welcoming knock from a chorus of carolers.
  • aromatic pine, crisp greens, peppermint
  • cranberry, blackberry
  • white cocoa

Pure Vanilla Joy - 'Treat your inner child with the uplifting scent of layered cake, vanilla bean and toasted marshmallows. Top with hints of whipped icing, crisp apples and spice for a fresh-baked fragrance you’re sure to love.'
  • vanilla bean, whipped icing, crisp apples
  • toasted marshmallow
  • layered cake, spice

Merry Maple Morning - 'Revel in the comfort of a special holiday breakfast as notes of maple syrup, melted butter and vanilla join the scent of red berry jam for a fragrance sure to tickle your taste buds. Dig in!'
  • red berry jam, apple, melted butter, peach
  • cinnamon, coffee, maple syrup, french toast
  • creamy vanilla, caramel, powdered sugar, warm musks

Sweet Holiday Treat - ' ‘Tis the season for giving, so don’t forget about you. Treat yourself with mouth-watering notes of rich cocoa, toasted nuts and creamy caramel all topped with hints of sweet milk and cinnamon.'
  • sweet milk, honey, cocoa powder, sugared apple
  • anise, cinnamon, nuts, mocha, jasmine, rose
  • dark chocolate, creamy vanilla, caramel, brown sugar, maple, coconut
(I suspect this might be a Target exclusive since I did not see it at Walmart.)

Ginger Bread Jingle'It’s that time of year again. Fill your home with the delicious scent of nutmeg, cinnamon and clove paired with hints of vanilla, maple and slowly roasting chestnuts.'
  • apple, pear, star anise
  • nutmeg, cinnamon, clove, muddled strawberry, acorn squash
  • roasted chestnut, vanilla milk, maplewood

Sparkling Spruce / Apple Cinnamon Cheer Combo
Creamy Custard / Apple Cinnamon Cheer Combo

According to the Glade website, only Sparkling Spruce, Apple Cinnamon Cheer, Frosted Berry Kiss, and Pure Vanilla Joy are available in wax melt form.  Pure Vanilla Joy is one of the regular, everyday scents but is repackaged in a festive theme for this winter lineup.

Wax melts sell for $2.98 per package.
Candles are 4 oz. and sell for $2.98 each.  But I noticed brand new 2-packs of the candles at Walmart today, although I forgot to write down how much they are.

I already have the Ginger Bread Jingle candle, and I don't think I'll bother with the combo candles, but I'm pretty sure I will buy one of each of the rest of these.  I'm excited!

Will you be buying any??


  1. How do you find they burn? I recently picked up a Mainstays candle (can't remember if that's Target or Walmart) and it burns really poorly! I think I'll get a Glade next time - Sparkling Spruce and Frosted Berry Kiss :)

    jess | Quaintrelle

    1. I have reviews of the fall scented ones we had this year, if you're interested. All three needed a bit of edge tending after the first couple melts but it wasn't horrible, and once they got down lower things worked better. The strength of the scent and throw surprised and impressed us though. That's why I'll get more of these in winter scents.

      Mainstays is the Walmart brand, and I've had both good and bad luck with those. I like the little bowl style ones.


  2. I LOVE Sparkling Spruce and to me and my husband, Frosted Berry Kiss smells like cherry cough syrup, so be careful when smelling if you don't like that type of smell.

    1. I'll have to give it a good sniff next time I can. I didn't really sniff them when I was scribbling my notes because I knew I'd eventually be buying some of them and figured I'd sniff them then. LOL

      I heard the apple one is just the usual apple cinnamon scent being reused for every season. If that's true I'll probably just skip that one. I don't consider it a Christmas-y or winter scent anyway.


  3. Okay seriously? I want Now. I have coupons for glade around here somewhere ….

    1. My sister sent me some coupons so I'm heading back to town tomorrow (day off) and grabbing probably one of each. Need to stop at Target and see if that one is indeed there.