Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Melted - Candles From The Keeping Room / Autumn Harvest

Autumn Harvest - 'Crisp apples, vanilla, nutmeg, sweet pumpkin and cinnamon make this a perfect Autumn blend!' 

In my cold sniff thoughts from my haul post, I'd said this was heavy on the vanilla and that the apple was stronger than the pumpkin.  Warmed however, this reminded me of A Thankful Harvest, from Better Homes & Gardens.  One of my faves, by the way!  There is a warmth and creaminess in here, very soft on the spice, and then that overall pumpkin-y scent.  I don't think I'd ever pick out apples if I didn't know they were supposedly in here somewhere, but I guess there is a bit of sweetness that could be from that.  A really nice, cozy fall scent!

Unfortunately, this was another one from CFTKR that was just too light.  I did go ahead and cut this one in half, deciding to try melting a lesser amount (.6 oz.) in my tea light warmer to see how it would do.  I'm thinking it would have been better to just do the whole tart.  With just half, I had the occasional whiff of a good strong scent if someone walked by the warmer and stirred up the air, but in general there was only a very light scent and almost no throw.

An awesome scent that was just too light for me.  (Again, maybe melting the whole tart would have produced a stronger scent and throw.)

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