Saturday, November 9, 2013

Melted - Candles From The Keeping Room / Family Gathering

Family Gathering - 'Warm, buttery baked spicy fruity scent that reminds you of all the bakery at a family gathering. This scent has top notes of mulled fruit and spice-berry blended with apple cinnamon, then topped with sweet clove and vanilla.' 

In my cold sniff notes from my haul post, I had said this was sort of a berries and cream scent with hints of cider and spice.  When this was melted and warm it reminded me of a sugar cookie scent mixed with berries and cream, and then that wee bit of cider and spice only popped up now and then.  This is a gentle scent, safe, nothing too spicy or inyerface about it.  It's also not a favorite of mine.

I melted this whole 1.1 oz. chunk in my tea light warmer and was disappointed to find only a light/medium scent and throw.  This seemed to jog something in my memory that maybe I'd been disappointed in the strength of CFTKR's tarts last year too, my only other order.  Maybe this is part of why I never seem to order from there?  I remember giving most of my CFTKR tarts away in Christmas goodie bags last year.  I'd even considered cutting this in half because I've been playing around with melting smaller amounts of different tarts lately and having pretty good luck, but in the end I'd decided to just throw this entire chunk into my warmer.  Maybe the next one I try from this vendor *will* be cut in half, just to see how it does.

While berries and cream, or berry mousse fans might like this, it just was not a scent I'd ever order again, and the light throw sealed that deal.  Bummer.


  1. Try one cut in half, I'm interested to know how it does versus the entire thing all at once.

    Sad this was lighter because the scent sounds good! :(

    1. I've tried a whole one of another scent and that was nice and strong, but I hated the scent. Tried a different scent, cut in half, and it was light again. This doesn't prove much though, because none of them were the same scent.

      But still, this one was a bummer for me.