Thursday, November 21, 2013

Melted - Candles From The Keeping Room / Thankful

Thankful - 'Experience the uplifting spirit of Thanksgiving with Be Thankful, a traditional Thanksgiving kitchen. Warm and inviting, combines the festive aromas of pumpkin pie, warm spices, apple pie and freshly baked cookies.'

This one had a hint of that 'smoke' note that I just don't like, and it's weird because there is nothing smoke-like in the scent description.  Maybe it was the spices then?  If so, it was not anything sweet and warm like cinnamon.  I got very faint traces of what might have been the apple note, and sometimes thought I got a light cookie note, but overall the scent was so light that I didn't get much of anything.  I was turned off by what little I got anyway because of that smoke/spice note.

I melted this whole 1+ oz. tart in my tea light warmer and, as mentioned, had only very light scent with barely any throw.  Once in a great while I would get a stronger whiff if someone walked by or the air was stirred up.  Since I didn't care for this scent much, I guess being light was ok in the end . . . lol . . . but this is another light one and another reminder that I didn't have much luck with CFTKR last year and that's why I hadn't ever ordered again.  I know bajillions of people love this vendor and have no complaints with scent strength, but I've not had much luck.



  1. How is her ordering process these days? I never seemed to catch an opening and finally just gave up. I figured it was God's way of telling me I really didn't need to be ordering more tarts anyway :D

    1. It's still pretty insane...she's staying opened as far as I know, but restocks every so often. She has been sick, but is supposed to reopen soon. When stock is gone, it's gone, but she's keeping her site opened from now on, supposedly!

    2. Glad Lauren answered because I would have had to say 'I don't know.' LOL - this was the first time I've ordered from there in probably a year or more, and I just did it in the 'very quiet, under the radar, early morning opening' she did.

      I probably won't order from there again because they just don't seem to work for me, or are inconsistent at the very least.