Saturday, November 16, 2013

Melted - Front Porch / Cranberries Sprinkled With Sugar

Cranberries Sprinkled with Sugar-'(In House Blend) Perfect combination of tart and sweet. Spicy Cranberries sprinkled with Just Sugar.'
I received two free 4-packs of this scent at the beginning of this year, as part of my uber holiday gift certificates order.  I think I gifted some of them over the course of the year but I do have three of the singles left and now that Thanksgiving is just around the corner I went ahead and melted one.
I can't find a scent description for 'Just Sugar' on the Front Porch website so I don't know what that part of the blend actually consists of, but the scent overall is pretty frikken nice.  It's definitely not as tart or spicy as a regular spiced cranberry scent so yeah, that mystery Sugar part is really sweetening it up.  If I didn't know this was cranberry, I don't think I'd ever think that's what it was.  I'd probably think it was some dark fruit, plums or something.  There is something almost perfumey, but in a deep perfumey way.  (Are those types called 'reds' or something?)  I do wonder if there is a hint of musk in here.  I really like this but it is not what I would think of for a fall or typical cranberry scent.

I melted this entire 1 oz. grubby tart in my tea light warmer and was a bit disappointed in the scent throw.  My house has a mind of it's own when it comes to scent.  Some just seem to drift everywhere but the room the warmer was in!  I was only getting a light scent in the area of my warmer and was feeling all disappointed, but when I went into the next room to grab something I noticed it was significantly stronger there.  And then a bit later I had to dash upstairs for something and it was really strong up there.

Weirdness aside, I did really like this one!

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