Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Watched - Before Sunrise

Before Sunrise
R, 105 minutes

'A young man and woman meet on a train in Europe, and wind up spending one evening together in Vienna. Unfortunately, both know that this will probably be their only night together.'

I had never even heard of this movie before a recommendation for Before Midnight popped up on Netflix.  In reading the description for that, I discovered it was the third in a series of movies that checks in with these characters every nine years.  Intrigued, I found the first two on Netflix and started from the beginning with this one, Before Sunrise.

I love these types of relationship study movies.  I can easily see how a lot of people would hate it and be bored to death by it.  There is no big action or high drama.  There is no blood, guts, gore.  There is no violence.  We're so accustomed to all that stuff now that I found myself half on edge, waiting for something to happen.  Ooooh, is that guy off to the side going to mug them?  That type of thing.  But no, nothing like that happens.

The description is pretty accurate, and pretty much all there is.  We get to watch this relationship form right from the very start, when they first lay eyes on each other on the train, and watch as it grows through their hours of talking and getting to know each other in the less than 24 hours they spend together.  Sometimes it was boring, even for me, and sometimes things seemed forced, but overall you start to really feel for these two.  And you start to dread the approaching morning because they will be faced with saying goodbye.

I loved this part, especially Jesse's reaction to some things Celine was admitting.  They were in a restaurant and pretending to call their best friends, as a way to say what they felt about each other without actually saying it to each other . . . although they *were* saying it to each other.  Got that?  So for example, Celine pretended to call her friend and explain why she'd be late getting home.  Jesse had to pretend to be the friend.  So it was along the lines of . . .

Celine - "I met a guy on the train and spent the day with him."
Jesse as the friend on the phone - "What?!  Are you crazy?"
Celine - "Probably."
Jesse as friend - "Soooo?  How was it?"

. . . and then Celine starts talking about it all.  Then they 'hung up' and Jesse had to call his best friend, with Celine posing as that friend.  It was so funny when she answered with a "Dude!  Whassup?" type guy thing.

Part of what I liked about this movie is that these two people did what I would love to be able to do but am too paranoid, shy, and chicken.  They spent the whole day wandering around a city they weren't familiar with and just went to different places that they came across, did what they felt like doing, talked to people, and enjoyed themselves taking in the beauty of Vienna.  I can't even walk five blocks in Minneapolis without my stress level skyrocketing.  LOL!

Eventually the morning comes and Jesse has to catch his flight back to America.  Even knowing it was coming, I was caught off guard by the emotions and, yeah, I burst into tears.  When this movie was new, the ending must have been so stressful for viewers because even though Jesse and Celine made a deal, the viewer was left wondering if they would ever go through with it and how things would turn out.  Luckily (?) I already know how it turns out because I know there are two more movies after this.  Ohhhh wait, now that I think about it, maybe I don't know how it turns out in the long run?!  DOH!!!  I just assumed that because the movies followup with them that they were happily together.  Ooooh, what if they meet over the years but it's a scandalous ongoing cheating affair?  Oooooh, I better go re-read the descriptions!  LOL!  Regardless, I have the second one coming next from Netflix.

Have you ever seen or even heard of this movie?


  1. I actually saw the second movie first many years ago, and didn't care for it because I DIDN'T REALIZE THERE WAS A FIRST. FAIL! I am sure I'd love it if I watched it again. Hopefuly, you can catch the latest one, "Before Midnight," it was really great as well.

    You should go to a new city and DO IT, no matter how nervous or stressed you get. Just wander and explore, and let the city take you in! It might be fun! :)

    1. This movie is in my head now. I might need to buy the dvd if it's on Amazon or something.

      I would love to go back to Germany and just wander and explore, revisit things we saw the first time as well as take plenty of time to just see whatever it is we come across. I felt so rushed on that trip even though we were there for almost three weeks.


  2. I haven't seen them (though I'm interested), but I know the newest one had a good review in Rolling Stone.

    1. Do you still have Netflix? Watch it! Stream it at 2am when you're up with Baby Booger Boy.


  3. I saw this about 10 years ago and was really excited when they came out with a sequel right after. I saw the first ten minutes of the newest one a few weeks ago, and then read some reviews about how Celine has become a little crazy in this one, which they hint at in the previews. I guess they want to make the relationship seem "real" but I would rather not see her in that light. I'll probably still see it sometime soon.

    1. I watched the second one today and had your comment about crazy in the back of my mind, and some things in there were like 'Oh, is this leading to her eventual craziness???'

      I didn't like the second one nearly as much as this one.