Monday, November 4, 2013

Watched - Paranormal Activity 4

Paranormal Activity 4
R, 88 minutes

'It has been five years since the disappearance of Katie and Hunter, and a suburban family witness strange events in their neighborhood when a woman and a mysterious child move in.'

Hubby and I watched this on Halloween night and ohhhhh what a waste of time it was.  I don't know why I always give each new Paranormal Activity movie a chance when I know there is no way they'll live up to the first one.  And this fourth one bombs on so many levels.

First of all, the story is just so weak.  They're stretching things just to try and keep it all related to the first movie.  In this one it focuses on the creepy activities of the new neighbor boy.  Because of an unexplained accident involving the boy's mother, the creepy boy has to stay with this family.  The teenage daughter and her boyfriend are always video chatting and when she tells the boyfriend about the creepy boy, he helps her set up all the computers and cameras in the house to keep recording 24/7, so they can try and see what the boy is up to at night.  That right there is a rather weak reason to explain why cameras would be capturing all angles of the house.  Then, in another weak attempt to keep things 'fresh' and 'new,' the boyfriend shows the kids how Xbox Kinect (I think?) can look really freaky with all the lights turned off, and this becomes one of the 'unique' views of paranormal activity.  I will admit, the one creepy part of the whole movie did come in a scene with this weird night vision technique, but overall it just seemed lame.

Once again, there is too much time spent trying to build suspense by showing footage from different cameras throughout the house, and you're staring at every inch of the screen looking for any freaky thing and there just isn't anything.  Then when there is something it's just things we've already seen a million times like a shadow across the doorway, or the door closing, or the cat spooking.

The non-acting was horrible in this one.  In the effort to appear casual and normal, like they're not reciting lines, they come across as *too* forced-natural.  Know what I mean?  It was so annoying to see the daughter arguing with her parents about things that happened, and them not believing her, and she never even tried to show them the recordings to prove it.  Or when the dad found the knife that the mom had 'lost,' yet she was only intent on arguing with the dad about nonsense other crap and showed no interest in 'Heyyyy, where did you say you found that?' even after the daughter had been trying to convince them of weirdness several times by now.

I figured out that Wyatt wasn't really Wyatt almost instantly.  I don't know who Robbie was though, a demon in boy form?  And what the heck is Katie's purpose in this whole story?  We're four movies into this, each is somehow part of the ongoing story, but I really have no idea what that overall story is.  I might need to Google or Wiki a summary.

There was just no point to this movie.  Hubby didn't think it was quite as bad as I did but then again, he didn't think the first was nearly as awesome as I thought it was.  I freakin' LOVED the first one!!!  Some people just don't 'get' this type of scary movie, just like with The Blair Witch Project, but I loved them both.  It's THAT type of scary of movie that I love, the little things you're not sure you saw, the mind-freak . . . not the blood and guts shock value gore that makes up most of the 'horror' genre these days.

So anyway, this movie sucked and I told hubby to not let me bother watching #5 if/when it ever comes out.

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  1. You said it perfectly when you said "They're stretching things just to try and keep it all related to the first movie." ABSOLUTELY! They had such success with the first one (making it for pennies and having it amass millions of dollars), that they feel like they need to keep milking the franchise. Not looking forward to 3 or 4. Heard they may make a 5, too. :/

    Not sure if I ever told you this, but the first one was filmed in the part of town where I grew up. Yup, we're basically famous. ;)

    1. That's funny about filming where you grew up. There was some movie......Scream, maybe?.......that was filmed in the town (Healdsburg, CA) my brother and his family lived in way back then.

      You haven't seen PA 3 or 4? What did you think of 2? Heck, what did you think of the original? (And did you like Blair Witch?)


    2. That's cool about your brother living where Scream was made!

      We didn't see 3 or 4, we were so disappointed with 2, we didn't bother. The original was really good, we saw it when it was limited release before it got a wide-scale theater release. I'd own it, it's pretty good. But I didn't like Blair Witch, so I thought #1 was better than that.