Friday, December 27, 2013

Haul - BH&G After Christmas Shopping

A few days before Christmas, I was shopping with my mom at Walmart and noticed one of those big square center aisle display bins, like what they pile the cheap movies in.  Only this one had the Better Homes & Gardens logo and pics of clamshell tarts on the side.

"What the heck?" I said out loud and trampled several people to get to this new and dangerous display.  Sure enough, just like with cheap dvds or those dollar boxes of candy, the four sections of the pallet sized bin were filled with random tarts!  They weren't on sale but still . . . ?!  Looking through them, at first I thought they'd just cleared all of the oldest inventory out of the stockroom and dumped it in here because I was seeing the usual, every day type scents that I don't look at too much during fall and winter.  I also noticed there were Scentsationals mixed in there too.  But then I noticed a couple scents I'd never even heard of and got super excited.

"What are these?" my mom asked when she finally caught up to me.  She'd picked one up and was eyeballing it suspiciously.

"Wax melts."

"What do you do with them?"

"You melt them so your rooms smell nice."

"So they're candles."  A statement, not a question.

"No, they're just wax.  You just melt the wax."

Blank look from Mom, just as I'd figured.  LOL!  Meanwhile, I was getting so excited by the many scents I was seeing that I had to actually drop them and step away from the bin.  My wax stash has gotten to an uncomfortable size again, thanks to the generosity of friends and family over the holiday season.  I certainly didn't need to be buying anymore and the only way to stop that was to not even look.

Well, yesterday hubby and I were back at Walmart to return a some duplicate Christmas gifts, and while walking around over by the party supplies and electronics intersection of aisles, hubby noticed That Evil Bin o' Wax.  And stopped to look through it!!!  I had no choice but to move closer to try and draw him away, and that's when I was sucked into it's evil pull.  There were a lot fewer tarts in this newly placed bin, making it much easier to pick through its contents.

We ended up buying eight packs.

Illusion - 'Cedar, sheer musk, and a touch of mystery.'

Hubby picked this, which is funny because to me it's sort of a sexy man scent.  It's one of those where, while it is a nice scent, I don't know if I want my house to smell this for hours at a time.

Honeysuckle Nectar - 'A touch of sunshine.'

I knew as soon as I saw this that first day with my mom, that hubby would want this if he ever saw it, and sure enough, he picked it.  You all know I'm not a floral fan, but sniffing this right now, on a cold snowy day, does make me think of spring and warm weather to come.

Zen - 'Soothe your soul.'

Another of hubby's picks.  I've always passed on this one and I'm not even sure why.  It might be part of that 'Do I want my house to smell like this?' thing.  It is a nice scent, just wish I knew what was in it.  Seems almost like a bit of mint deep down in there.  Maybe some sort of wood note?

Black Pepper & Rosemary - 'Aromatic Mediterranean blend.'

I had never seen or heard of this one before finding it in the bin that first day with my mom.  I sniffed it and was like 'Bleah,' and tossed it back.  Talking to Lauren (Lololovesscents) afterward, she said she was intrigued, so when I was looking through the bin again with hubby and we found only one of these left, I grabbed it.  Hubby calls it 'interesting,' and Casey, surprisingly, likes it.  It's definitely unique!  It's sort of dark and herbal, with just a hint of that peppery spice.

Brownie Pecan Pie - [no scent description]

I think I've seen other people mention this one but I don't remember ever seeing it at my store.  OhEmGee, I think this might be my new favorite BH&G scent.  Would there be butterscotch involved in a Brownie Pecan Pie?  Because there is something like butterscotch making me love this freakin' scent.  It's very rich and sweet, a bit of a brownie type note and a whole lot of whatever that butterscotch-ish note is.  I should have grabbed about 20 more packs of this.

Perfect Corner Bakery - [no scent description]

I didn't notice until we were home that this one says Limited Edition 2014 up in the corner.  Woot!  This is sort of a generic bakery scent, some cake or cookie type notes, a bit of spice, bit of sweetness.  But still a really yummy scent for bakery lovers.

Raspberry Linzer Cookie - [no scent description]

Another of the Limited Edition 2014 ones, I'm wishing now I'd paid more attention at the time.  I would have probably scribbled down a list of others from this line.  Oh well, maybe next time.  This one really surprised me.  I figured it would be just another cookie scent.  But wow, the raspberry jumps out at you first.  There is a soft, warm cookie note behind it.  Almost seems like there is a bit of spice or tartness too.

Fro Yo - 'Chill out.'

And finally, Fro Yo, another one I don't remember ever seeing or hearing about.  This is just a nice, creamy scent, probably a lot of vanilla in there, with a nice little berry kick deep down in there.  Are those blueberries in the picture?

There were plenty of other goodies in the big bin, old favorites that I could have easily stocked up on.  My stash is uncomfortably large right now though.  I've actually slowed down on melting during my Christmas break from work, instead of melting even more like I'd planned.  I was feeling really uneasy about buying these but hubby reasoned that it was making up for one of the books I'd gotten a double of and that we had returned.  Ok, dear, if you put it that way . . .


  1. LOL. Great haul and great review. I have not seen any of these scents at my local. Nor that evil bin of wax. I'll keep looking, though.

    1. That bin is indeed evil. It moves around the store! It gets you in areas you think you're safe in. I mean, really... over by party supplies and electronics??? lol


  2. Get to meltin' friend :-) we need reviews! Lol I like zen a lot. It is eucalyptus spearmint like the BBW stress relief candle. Illusion is nice too. Those are great bathroom/bedroom smells for me. Never heard of fro yo. Sunnee lives eating fro yo, she might like that one :-D

    1. Aha! Eucalyptus/spearmint?! I don't think I'd ever have guessed that. Well, I did guess mint, didn't I?

      I actually thought of Sunnee when I saw the Fro Yo!! LOL

      And yep, I need to get melting. Now that the holidays are over (who counts New Year's? *pfff*) I can allow myself to just dive into my stash and melt whatever I pull out, so some variety in scent reviews should be showing up now.


    2. How did I miss this post! My blogger feed has been wonky lately. I literally stood up out of excitement when I saw the fro you scent. Then I saw y'alls comments about my frozen yogurt obsession and I couldn't stop smiling.

      This post is awesome. You're so reasonable and practical Deb! I think I'd like going shopping with your husband better though :)

      Guess who's going to Walmart tomorrow.

    3. LOL Sunnee! So, did you end up going to Walmart, and did they have the Evil Bin o' Wax? I haven't seen it at mine the last two times I've been there, but I haven't really looked very hard and it apparently relocates itself. Probably better that I don't see it anyway.

      I've heard the Christmas BH&G scents are on clearance sale for just 50cents a pack now. They did this last year too. I haven't seen this at my store yet this time. Maybe they're all picked through already.

      Yeah, sometimes hubby doesn't like shopping with me. I always ask if he wants to go along and then when I'm not buying anything he asks why we bother. He is very much the 'spend a little, have a little fun!' one in this couple.


  3. I never saw the limited edition scents...Rapsberry Lizer Cookie is my type of scent! I may pop in and hope for some clearance.....the Walmart near me has had such a small variety and most look picked over!

    1. I haven't paid much attention to the BH&G ones since the fall scents came out. I wasn't impressed by the Christmas scents this year. But I will have to start paying more attention now that I've seen that 'Limited Edition 2014' symbol up in the corner.

      Although, really, my tart stash is too big at the moment and I shouldn't be looking at new ones until I work through what I have. Bleah....hate when I get in this situation! lol


  4. The Fro yo and Corner Bakery could use for a re-appearance! Ahh, the brownie pecan pie! YAssssss. It truly is an amazing melt. It has even hung around and lasted all the way to 2018, I know, I am from the future, 2013 Deb.

    1. LOL - Time travel? *smacks forehead and leaves*

      Yep, that brownie one is still around and people constantly rave about it. I found it to be too sweet and rich though. I like the scent but it throws SO strong! Maybe if I did like a few shavings off a cube at a time....