Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Haul - Sweet Fixations (tarts)

I'd been holding off on ordering Christmas/winter tarts because I wasn't sure who I wanted to order from.  I kept coming back to Sweet Fixations but then I'd browse the site and think nah, I'll try somewhere else.  Then it got to where I was just going to buy a few Better Homes & Garden tarts to get me through so I wouldn't overload myself.  Turns out, when I next took the time to sniff the BH&G winter scents, I remembered why I hadn't bought any to begin with.  I just don't like them this year.  They're all sort of the same generic 'pretty' scent with similar names that all blend together.  Soooooo, I thought I'd go ahead and order from the Sweet Fixations Black Friday sale, only to find that there was quite a limited selection of what was available in the sale section.

Well, poo!

So I went back and forth all day about ordering, probably drove hubby nuts in my 'Should I?' questioning.  In the end I decided to just go ahead and place a small order.  There were a handful of new Christmas scents in the sale section and even though nothing wowed me when I read the descriptions, I ordered them anyway because ya never know . . . right?

So what did I get?
  •  Merry Mistletoe- 'Citrus, blue spruce, and frosted cranberries.'  Smells mainly like a Christmas tree, a hint of sweetness.
  • Christmas Hearth- 'Orange spice notes, fir and pine from the christmas tree with a hint of smokiness from the fireplace.'  This one is more citrus, sort of like the zest, touch of spice, and the faintest hint of smokiness.
  • Holly Berry- 'Balsam fir and cinnamon with sweet berries and plum.'  The evergreen note is there but the sweet of the fruit and the warmth of the cinnamon mask it quite a bit.
  • Frostbite- 'Strong, sweet wintergreen mint. Very refreshing!'  Reminds me of the Wint-O-Green Lifesavers candy.  (This one is not new.)
  • Holiday Sparkle- 'A wonderful blend of apple cider, berries, spruce and orange. With grapefruit and cinnamon and clover. A great way to celebrate the holidays.'  I don't like this one at all.  It's mainly a bright, citrus-y scent but there is something in there that is 'dark' and weird.  Remember earlier in the year I had a scent from somewhere that reminded me of a urinal cake?  This one brings to mind similar thoughts, like cheap bathroom air freshener trying to cover someone's nasty poop job.  LOL
  • Spiked Eggnog- 'A yummy holiday drink with vanilla, rum, and nutmeg!'  Pretty sure I had this last Christmas.  A really nice, typical eggnog scent.  You really get the rum in this one.  (This one is not new.)
  • Christmas Past- 'Smells just like christmas. Blue spruce, fir and pine. With a warm woody base and cinnamon.'  This one has quite a bit of the woody note, and I'm iffy on that, but it also does kinda remind of those scented pine cones you see at Walmart or at craft stores this time of year.
  • Blue Spruce - [no scent description]  This might be a new one since I don't see it listed on the site.  On the lighter side on cold sniff, sort of one of those 'fresh air' spa type scents with a hint of typical Christmas tree scent.
I also received two small samples.  One is Go Bananas, described as 'Fun fragrance with ripened bananas mixed with crisp apples, creamy caramel, and toffee bits,' and seems at first like just a strong banana scent but then the caramel and toffee come screaming in to make it deeper, richer, sweeter.  I don't detect the apple on cold sniff. 

And the other sample was . . .
Zucchini Bread- Fresh zucchini, and cinnamon with hints of spice. More on the creamy side.
NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The worst possible scent that could have been sent to me!  Oh, I just had to laugh when I pulled this out of the box.  You probably know by now that I pretty much *hate* zucchini bread scents.  But I was fair and gave it a sniff.  This is straight up, salty, corn chips scent.  And the funniest part is that hubby *loves* it!  Noooooooooo!
There was also soap available in the Black Friday sale section.  I don't know if Sweet Fixations owner Tia has always been a soap maker or if it's something new for her.  Maybe I just never paid attention to anything but the wax?  Whatever the case, I decided to go ahead and buy a bar.  These are unscented but have ground oatmeal in them, and I like oatmeal soaps.  The color looks orange in the picture but it's actually a nice Christmas red with green swirl.  It's a nice sized bar too, for only $5.00.  Hubby still uses bars of handcrafted soap.  I've gone back to commercial body washes for the most part, but still use the bar soap once in a while if I'm in the mood, and I'm looking forward to trying this one.

She also has some jars of wax crumbles available now for $7.00, and some really cute gift sets that consist of several styles of tarts in a holiday mug, for $15.00.  The tarts in the sale section are Ready To Ship, single scallops, for $1.00 each.  I just looked as I was writing this post and it looks like those prices are still in effect.

All orders placed on Black Friday also received a coupon code for 10-15% off a future order.  My little card doesn't tell me what percent it is so I guess it's a surprise when I eventually use it.

Shipping was amazingly fast.  True, these were all ready to ship items but still, I placed my order on Friday afternoon and received my package in Monday's mail.  LOVE THAT!!!!

And that is my one little Black Friday haul.  While I'm not really wowed by any of these scents (most are new, and new to me) I think I'll still hold off ordering Christmas/winter scents from anywhere else.  I have a decent little stash here already, and I'll wait and see if Santa brings me any.  Oh, and the Rosegirls opening is only four days away  now!  Wheeeee!


  1. IIRC, Tia's version of Blue Hawaii was very urinal cakey to my nose--something about the cherry note. I had to pour it out. I liked the Cherry Cola though, weirdly enough.

    Is she going with dots instead of the pictures for all her labels now?

    1. I liked Blue Hawaii. Now I'll be trying to find the urinal cake note if I ever order it again. LOL

      I think the dotted labels were just for the Black Friday sale. I think the details said something about basic labels and undecorated tarts.


  2. Yikes, I hope that doesn't ruin the scent for you!

  3. Glad you got a nice lil order in! That soap looks cool. Will you review it for us? Christmas is less than 20 days away so I guess I am done getting Christmas smellies too :-) Are you goung to buy anything at the RG store? Still stoked for ya to even just go in! I need to invest in a portkey. Maybe hubs can melt zucchini bread when you aren't home.

    1. I'll try to remember to review the soap.

      This reply is late but, yes, I did buy things at the RG opening. I'm using the Mad City cream soap that I bought there, and when I finish that I'll try the Sweet Fixations soap.

      If Amazon doesn't have portkeys, check eBay. Might be able to find one cheap there. OOOH! Or Etsy! Maybe someone can make one for you. (Non-HP fans will be like 'Whaaaa...?')

      Yeah, hubby better melt that zucchini crap some weekend when I'm at work all day. Bleah!