Sunday, December 1, 2013

Melted - Candles From The Keeping Room / Kringleberry

Kringleberry - 'A very-merry-festive fragrance with the aroma of fresh cut evergreens, and juicy apples, delicate white winter florals, sprigs of bright-and-cheery hollyberry, and fruity cranberries and red currants.'
This was a nice enough scent but a little too 'pretty' for me.  It didn't really strike me as anything Christmas-y either.  I think the 'winter florals' part is probably the strongest in here, and I'm not a floral fan.  There is a bit of sweet and tart fruit.  I don't detect any specific everygreen note.

I melted this entire 1+ oz. tart in my tea light warmer and had medium strong scent with good throw.  I'd left the house for a bit to run some errands and when I returned home, this was the first thing I smelled as soon as I opened the door.  It wasn't overpowering though, just a pleasant scent throughout the house.

If you like florals, or are a fan of generic Christmas-pretty scents, this might be for you.


  1. Interesting blend of scents! This is a new scent from Carol, right? Might request this one to see how it is!

  2. Your description of this makes me want to try this. I can imagine how it really smells and I think I'm a fan!

  3. Well you guys have at 'er! Like I said, it's just too 'pretty' and nondescript for me. It's the like why I'm disappointed in the BH&G winter scents this year, because they're all so similar, all so bleah.