Friday, December 13, 2013

Melted - Sweet Fixations / Christmas Past

Christmas Past- 'Smells just like Christmas. Blue spruce, fir and pine. With a warm woody base and cinnamon.'
This is quite a sharp scent, and strong.  Before refreshing my memory on just what this scent included, I'd thought for sure there was that dreaded smoky/fireside note in here.  But nope, apparently it's just supposed to be Christmas trees and cinnamon.  Maybe it's the 'warm woody base' that's killing it for me?  I don't know but this was mainly a really spicy cinnamon scent with hints of pine.  It's not the lovely type like when you walk into a craft store during the holiday season and smell the scented pine cones and candles and whatnot.  Spice haters should probably skip this one.
Not only is it spicy and harsh, but it's strong on top of it, which makes it a bit too much.  I melted this 1 oz. tart in my tea light warmer and had super strong scent almost immediately.  The strength and the spice gave me a mild headache.  I think it even bothered Minion because he kept looking at the warmer and sniffing the air like 'What the heck?'  He wouldn't sleep in his usual daytime spots either.  I considered blowing out the candle but decided to let it go and see if it would mellow out in time.  A couple hours in, it did seem to lighten up a bit but that harsh spiciness was still there.
This one is just not my type of scent.

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