Saturday, December 7, 2013

Rosegirls Store Opening!

Guess where I went today.  Ha, you all probably know anyway because you're all waiting for me to report back.  (Although I suspect you've already seen other pics and reports posted in the Facebook group way before I'm getting this up . . . )

Rosegirls Opening Day!

Hubby and I went to Oshkosh this morning for the opening day of the Rosegirls Boutique.  It's about a half hour drive from our house to their shop but it's in a city that hubby is well familiar with because he worked there many years.  Because I'm a baby about driving in unfamiliar territory, hubby drove.  I totally blanked and forgot to take pics of the outside of the shop so I snapped these three crappy ones as we were driving by when we left.
 Looking at the side of their building, from the stop sign at the corner.  You can sort of see their little Rosegirls sign poking out in front, above the lights.

Quickly snapped pic from a moving vehicle . . . the front of the shop.  At least you can see the sign in this one!
Another moving vehicle quick pic of the front of the shop.  Just missed their painted front window (on the far left).  Oh, I hadn't noticed the light JOY sign in the window!  Cute.

Inside is tiny.  There is one very small room for the actual shopping area, and then behind a curtained doorway is what looked like a bigger area where the work is probably done.  And there you have owner/crafter Jenny Oaks, who gave me permission to take pics but I don't know if she knew she'd be in one.  LOL!  That is the little checkout counter she's standing behind.  As you can see, many many many bags of wax in many scents.  On the shelves that are blocked from view in this pic, there were more bags (I think), and some baskets of cookies and pies, and a few more scent shots.  

Yes, I said  . . . scent shots!!  I was absolutely thrilled to see those little guys!  There were only a handful of basic scents though, none of the blends.  There were some jars of scoopable wax on one shelf.  Right there next to the counter is a three tiered stand containing cookies and pies.

These are the shelves that are on the right side of the above picture.  More bags of chunks over here, along with more baskets of cookies (and pies?).  And you see the loaves!  Over on the left side, upper shelves are those white jars.  Those are the shower creams and body butters from Mad City Sue.  I had thought there would be scrubs, and I asked about that, but was told they only had these items.  I don't know if they'll have scrubs at some point?

This side of the room had the other crafted things like jewelry and scarves and I'm not sure what else because I did not give this area barely any attention.  Bad me!  I was so involved in wax sniffing though!!

Yep, I took a pic of the price board.  I knew I'd never remember the prices of things, and also thought I could show everyone, to see how they compare to the website.  Are they the same prices?  I don't even know because I've never ordered from the website.  Scents shots are $1.50 though, and boy do I wish they had more of those!

So what did I get?  I'd known all along that I was going to be something as a courtesy, and had the idea of buying some Christmas presents, but in the end we ended up going with a small haul.  It's overwhelming in there, people!!  It's like walking into a Lush store, where it's very small but filled with all the things you want.  Especially for me, not being familiar with the Rosegirls scents, it was like *deer in the headlights* the brain shorts out and you just don't know what to do next.  Something I would have found helpful would have been small sniffer bits of the scents available, instead of having to open each bag and sniff.  I felt paranoid about doing that so I really limited myself in what I actually sniffed.  Some laminated pages of scent descriptions, like a Lookup Book would have been handy too.

I bought this Mad City Sue shower cream in Candy Cane Noel scent, described in the MCS Etsy shop as 'Candy Cane – Blend of smooth peppermint and vanilla sugar.  Vanilla Bean Noel type -- fresh vanilla beans, warm caramel and rich cream on a base of musk and tonka beans.'  Upon sniffing, I mainly get the Noel, with only a hint of mint.  Still, that's pretty yummy, and I can't wait to try this.  I've never tried anything from Mad City Sue, even though I've been aware of her stuff since back in my own soap days.  (This 4 oz. jar costs $6.50 in the Rosegirls shop.)

I was so excited to see scent shots when we walked into the shop!  I don't like having to commit to a large amount of something if I'm not familiar with the scent.  A bit of a bummer that there were only a handful of basic scents to choose from, but it's a start.  Hehe!  I got this one in Sweet Lemon Confection scent, because you know I loooove me some lemon scents.  Described as 'Decadent sweet lemon custard whipped to a creamy and smooth finish. Lemon lovers, get ready to indulge your senses,' this is sooo yummy!  It's yummy and creamy and oh so lemony.  Some might find the lemon to be too 'cleaner' type, but I don't mind.  This wax is very soft and very oil-filled.  (This 1.5 oz. scent shot costs $1.50 in the Rosegirls shop.)

This is one of the muffins, right?  I'm such a noob.  Anyway, hubby loved these and picked out this one in Lavender - Vanilla Bean Noel - Peppermint scent.  I'm not a lavender fan in general but if it's blended nicely with something I might be ok with it.  I mainly get the peppermint on cold sniff but it does seem like there is something else going, so I'm thinking that's the lavender.  I don't really get the VBN on cold sniff.  I kinda like these muffins now that we have one.  This one is 2.8 oz. but I don't know how much it cost.

I think hubby wanted to get a crap-ton of bags and couldn't understand why I wasn't getting any.  I was kinda getting that 'Why did we come here again?' vibe from him.  LOL!  So we did end up getting one bag.  I was looking for Monster Cookie Fluff Puff, and even asked if they had any but they didn't.  Kathy and Jenny both looked through the shelves, then offered brittle in Monster Cookie and marshmallow scents so I could mix them myself, but I decided to pass.  Then they suggested things that were similar.  Somehow we eventually settles on this Americana Marshmallow Smoothie.  I can't find a description for it, and I don't remember what she told me was in it, but I think she said something about blackberry jam . . . ?  It smells really freakin' good, whatever it is!

And then as we were checking out, Jenny said we could choose a free cookie tart.  I think this was a gift to Facebook group members who came to the opening.  Again, I was overwhelmed and put on the spot because I'm not familiar with their scents and didn't want to stand there and open each zipbag while she was waiting.  There were several fall scents, things with pumpkin and cranberry, but I wasn't feeling in a fall scent mood.  I told hubby to pick.  While he was looking through the one basket at the counter, Jenny reminded us there were other baskets of bookies around the room to choose from.  She was looking through one, suggesting scents sort of based on things we'd been sniffing and looking at.  When she pulled out this Badger State Cocoa, I was like "That one.  We'll take that one."  Again, don't know a description of this, if there is anything besides the cocoa part of it . . . ?  I'm  not usually a fan of chocolate scents in home fragrance but we'll see how this goes.

The whole Facebook group connection was funny.  Quite early in our visit, Jenny had asked something like how we'd found them.  I said I was part of the Facebook group so I knew all about it.  I hadn't even had much more the 'F' of Facebook out of my mouth before she was smiling and nodding.  She said she kinda figured most people who stopped today would be Facebook people because they had not done any advertising at all.  Then she asked my name and I said Deb.  She smiled, "Ohhhh, Eng . . . Engel . . . " and I finished for her, "Engebretson, yep."  That was cool that she knew because I am not very active at all in that group.  She asked if Rebecca was coming and I was like "Uhhhh, I don't know," because I really don't know any of the group people.  (Well, besides my own bloggy friends who also happen to be in the group.)  She said "Oh, I thought . . . " and never really finished her thought.  Turns out the Rebecca in the group has a last name very similar to Engebretson!  That was funny to see when I got home and did some checking.

So several minutes of browsing and sniffing and chitchatting go by and then co-owner/co-crafter Kathy comes out and says I need to get my picture taken.  She said they wanted to get pics of all the Facebook friends that stopped in.  She asked if hubby wanted to be in it and I said he *had* to be in it, and had to show off his Vikings because everyone knows us by that.  Kathy laughed and said they had relatives in Minnesota.  Yay for Minnesota!  And then our ugly picture was posted on the Rosegirls page along with other people who had popped in.

Now that we're home and it's later in the day and I'm seeing all the haul pics starting to pop up on the Facebook page, I'm wishing we'd bought more.  But oh well, this leaves hubby something to work with as far as Christmas shopping.  Hehe!


  1. The first thing I said to Josh when I showed him your photo was "look at Deb's husband and his Vikings shirt!" LOVE IT!!! :D

    It is so cool that you got to go to the opening! I am so jealous. Americana Marshmallow Smoothie is delicious! Badger state cocoa is chocolate, peppermint, perhaps marshmallow, and something else??? good choice! It is exciting that they are carrying Mad City Sue scrubs!!! AHHHHHHHH JELLY!!!!

    Lavender peppermint and VBN is called Cool Beans, and it is incredible! YAYAY!!!!! I love that you took a photo of the price sign and the signs outside. I am so happy for them! You should have listened to your hubby and bought all the bags!!!! :D

    1. I saw a bag of Cool Beans and assumed it was coffee-something. Doh!

      I should have bought more. But wow, have you seen the hauls some people are posting? I wonder if there was anything left by the end of the day?! Slow down, people! No need to hoard here too!


  2. So glad you could take pics! I loved your hub's shirt too :-D Nice picks! That lavender one sounds relaxing. I hope he can pick out some yummy gifts for you! I am happy you had a good experience and hope you enjoy what you got! Great suggestions on sample sniffer chunks and scent lists.

    1. It was fun. I always worry about dragging hubby to such things but he's usually a good sport. He's much more social than me and was chatting with Jenny and Kathy way more than me.

      I'm *hoping* hubby will sneak back there to get a Christmas (or birthday!) gift or two, but I'm also wondering if my older son will ever stop. He drives right by there every day on his way to work, and he knows all about the place through all my nattering.


  3. I thought I was envious before I'm totally green with envy! The store is adorable and your pictures really did it justice. I could honestly put myself there by your descriptions and pictures.
    Scent shots! Nice! Price is definitely right for those.

    I love that your hubby was seemingly more excited to buy wax than you. That's so cute.

    One day I'll make it there and take you out to lunch--I never would have thought I'd be so excited to go to Wisconsin ;)

    I've been anxiously awaiting this post all week and it did NOT disappoint!

    How long were you in the store? How many customers were there? Did you meet anyone you knew of from FB? What time did you get there? How tall is Jenny? (she looks so pretty and tall!) I'm sure I'll have more :)

    1. It really is a cute little place. It's tiny, but it serves its purpose. There was plenty of wax in plenty of styles and scents available in that tiny space. And it's the kind of place I really want to start shopping at more. You know, the small, local boutiques. I don't like 'local' shops that are just full of mass produced imported stuff.

      Hubby always want to make the most of trips like this. I'm so cheap, it drives him nuts. He's way more 'Live a little!'

      Wisconsin is pretty awesome. It must be, I've been here my whole life. You might not like it at the moment, since it's only 9 degrees but, well, you know..... lol

      We were in the store maybe 15-20 minutes. I was feeling awkward by then, like we were keeping them from doing other things in the back or something. LOL! We were the only ones there at the time, besides Jenny and Kathy and a couple people in the back room who might have been their helpers or something. I *think* someone might have shown up right before we left.

      I didn't meet anyone from FB, but I wouldn't have recognized anyone anyway because I'm not active in the group and don't know any of those people online either. Well, is YouTuber Az4Angela (?) would have been there I *might* have recognized her, but she wasn't.

      I didn't even realize Jenny was Jenny at first. And Kathy looks nothing like the pic I have in my head from her FB avatar, or wherever I thought I knew her face from. Jenny is tall. I'm 5'6" and I seem to remember her being taller than me.

      If you think of more, ask away! =)


  4. Is this place still open today??? I actually live only 1 1/2 hours away in Wisconsin's way of distance, lol!

    1. They are indeed still open. They're a new location though, same street but farther down.